Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 14.1

Behind the large oak tree, Bonz drew Aisha in his arms and began to sway to the urban melody in the distance. His movements were more sensual this time as he took full advantage of their secluded spot. Every special part of him was deliciously up against every special part of her. Bonz moaned deep in his throat as their bodies touched, revealing his extreme pleasure.

Aisha moaned, too, and not entirely for show either. Matter of fact, that moan was as genuine as they came. Oh, how she despised herself right now.

Aisha didn’t want to be so attracted to Bonz. She didn’t want her pulse to race with desire, her blood to boil with hot passion. She didn’t want to feel anything special for her enemy.

Yet she did.

Aisha felt all those things and more as her body swayed against his. What’s worse is that the moment they started this sensual dance, she forgot all about her grief, bitterness, and her plan of revenge. The fiery attraction she felt for Bonz burned up any thoughts of that nature.

Aisha moaned again when Bonz began to plant tender kisses upon the right side of her neck. She waited eagerly for him to reach her mouth. Would he ever get there? He was going so slow, savoring the scent of her, the taste of her neck.

When Bonz finally made it to her lips, Aisha sighed out her pleasure and pulled his tongue deep into her mouth. That’s when things really started to get out of control.

* * *

“What y’all think about Aisha?” Delia asked, trying to gauge the rest of the group’s opinion about the newcomer. If she wasn’t still so bent on hooking Bonz up with her cousin, she might actually like Aisha. Especially after the way she engaged the kids in dance.

“She seems cool to me,” Racker replied from his place near the head of the table.

“I think she’s trouble,” Cami quickly inserted, intent on sowing discord for her own selfish benefit. “I mean, how many successful models wanna date a thug?”

“Cami, Aisha don’t wanna date a thug. She only wants to have sex with a thug, remember?” Alexis replied irritably. It was clear whose side she was on.

E-Blade laughed at the women’s catty banter. Conflict always amused him. “Knowing my boy Bonz, he’s probably behind that tree hitting that right now,” he said, reminded of that knowing wink they’d shared earlier.

“For real though. I think I hear her moaning now.” Racker smirked.

E-Blade snickered. Then he reached over to turn the music up just a little bit more to drown out the noises coming from behind the big oak tree. Fortunately all of the kids were fast asleep by now and hopefully too tuckered out to awaken from the slight increase in volume.

Having heard the same sensual sounds filtering out from behind that tree, Cami threw her cards down in disgust and jealousy. Folding angry arms across her chest, she went into another long sulk.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

Divine Intervention where are you? Make her come to her senses Suprina. Not only has she lost her brother, she's also lost her flippin' mind....

Suprina said...

Marlene: Divine Intervention is coming, but as in real life, Aisha is going to still choose her own way until everything blows up in her face. That's my spoiler for today.


PS. Love all the enthusiasm, girl!

Subrina said...

Is that love in the air or wait a minute it may just be sex...lol...This is getting good because when she realize who the almighty is and his forgiven and loving power she will surrender unto him and remember that vengenance belongs to God.

Suprina said...

See what I'm saying y'all about Subrina's wisdom?! *shaking my head in wonder*

Subrina: Stop telling my story! lol. You gonna get everybody all stirred up before the time. Marlene already talking about her blood boiling. lol. Kim keep refreshing the scene like crazy. lol. God knows what the lurkers are doing. lol.

I love it all, y'all. Thanks for keeping me encouraged and on my toes.

Kim said...

Lol.... in all innocence, maybe we should shut up?! *smile* i dont know abt you guys but i definitely want to be surprised by this book.... seeing as its taking on a different flavour all together....and i'm so loving it!!!

Suprina, i wasnt doubting for 1 second that Bonz didnt have some nice qualities....i can imagine the look of surprise on Aisha's face when she comes to know of it!!!!

Subrina said...

I'm sorry Suprina and please forgive me...I'll try to stop being a detective by thinking ahead and just give my review to what I read...lol..hey that rhymes...I'm so sleepy everything seems to be funny at the moment...rofl

Suprina said...

Kim & Subrina: Y'all betta not stop! I'm loving the banter. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. That goes for you, too, Marlene as well as to all the lurkers. lol.

Kim: You're right. Aisha's gonna flip when she sees Bonz's goodness.

Subrina: Go get some sleep, gal.