Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 13.3

After more dancing and a long food break, things began to wind down considerably for Aisha and her fellow picnickers. Most of the adults were playing cards. The kids were lounging comfortably on large blankets under a shade tree. The youngest two were already asleep. The older two were fighting sleep, trying to make sure they didn’t miss any more fun the adults might have.

Aisha chuckled at the adorable sight. She loved children. Couldn’t wait to be an aunt to Laquetta’s baby. A part of Aisha even wanted to experience motherhood for herself one day…after she’d made a success of her modeling and acting career, of course.

Suddenly feeling nostalgic and tired of playing the role of potential thug girlfriend, Aisha announced that it was time for her to go. Cami immediately perked up from her seat all the way at the other end of the table. The others just nodded and smiled, even suspicious E-Blade.

As for Bonz, he protested. “You just got here, Aisha. Why are you leaving so soon?” he said, sliding his arm possessively about Aisha’s waist to pull her closer to him on the bench.

“It’s been three hours, Greg.” Aisha smiled, pleased that he was so reluctant to see her leave. It meant that her plan was working like a charm. “Plus the sun will be setting in about an hour, which means everyone else in the park will be leaving soon, too,” she added, pointing to the western horizon.

“One more dance, Aisha,” Bonz persisted, looking at her instead of the setting sun. His voice was lower and huskier when he said that. He leaned closer and added for her ears only, “Please.”

Aisha turned from the sunset to find Bonz now kissably close. The deep hunger she saw in his eyes made her forget all about her mission. All about how tired she was.

“All right. Just one more dance,” Aisha conceded. She could definitely maintain her role a little bit longer for so sexy a man. All she had to do was stay focused on Bonz’s physical attributes and keep his street name out of her mouth and mind. Both techniques helped to keep her bitterness and rage temporarily at bay.

Bonz grinned at her concession. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Then he turned towards E-Blade who was sitting the closest to the boom box. “Hey, man, slide that Omarion CD in for me, okay?”

E-Blade paused briefly from playing cards and just looked at Bonz for a few seconds. Questions were in his eyes. The main ones were, ‘Why are you acting so sprung over this chick? Why won’t you just let her go already?’

Yet instead of asking Bonz anything, E-Blade turned around and honored his friend’s request. They’d have plenty of time to talk later.

Bonz turned back to Aisha. “Can we take this next dance behind that other oak tree over there?” he whispered in her ear right before the music began. “I want to dance with you at least once without having to keep it rated PG.”

“But we might not be able to hear the music all the way over there,” Aisha replied. “And turning it up louder is out of the question since it might wake up the two babies that are sleeping.” Plus she didn’t know if she was ready to be alone with Bonz just yet. Even still her face remained convincingly pleasant.

“We’ll make our own music then.” Bonz smiled slyly as he gently tugged her up from her seat.

Aisha willingly obliged the impatient man. She’d already decided ahead of time that she would see this thing through to the end. Which meant if Bonz wanted to take her behind a tree and cop a few feels and some kisses, she would willingly go along with that, too.

Anything for my cause, Aisha told herself. The excitement in her veins belied that thought, which meant that she would have gone behind that tree even without a cause based on how attracted she was to Bonz.

So caught up in her thoughts, Aisha missed the wink that passed between Bonz and E-Blade before they walked off.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

"Anything for my cause..." Ok now Suprina. Don't let it go too far. I can already feel my blood boiling!!!

Suprina said...

Marlene: lol. I warned y'all this was coming. What exactly got your blood boiling? The fact that Aisha's so attracted to Bonz when he has this dark cloud hanging over his head? Or the fact that she's moving too fast?

Awaiting your reply...


Anonymous said...

She's moving waaaayy too fast. And she knows it too...but is willing to sacrifice her morals to get revenge.

Kim said...

I think cause Aisha didnt plan on being so attracted to Bonz.....she's definitely got guts avenging her brother's 'killer' especially the way she's going abt it....

Suprina said...

Marlene & Kim: Y'all forget (perhaps because Aisha is grieving and loves her brother so much)that Aisha has a wild side to her. Which means she does have casual sex when the moods suits her, she don't mind getting into a catfight or two, and she is highly competitive.

To sum it all up, Aisha if FAR from sanctified or saved and is going to do like SHE see fit. Plus remember she's still mad with God.

And, Kim, you're right. Aisha didn't plan on being so attracted to Bonz. Which is going to throw all kinds of monkey wrenches into her plans.

But y'all ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until she sees some of the wonderful sides of Bonz and his crew, things she never, ever expected to find in the thug-life. (And believe me, y'all, there ARE wonders among thugs. The cousin that I dedicated this book to was such a good guy and he was so good to people.)

*pausing to collect myself*

In short, Dontavious (the cousin I speak of) had a lot of the same qualities as Benevolent Bonz and Kind-hearted Dominic, which I will explain later at the end of the book.

Stay tuned...


Tonia said...

Okay, I have to comment on all the comments. I have a cousin whom I love dearly. She engages in casual sex,drinks too much, has three children and two baby daddies (one in jail) yet I don't judge her. She is the sweetest most loving friend I could have and I trust her to have my back. She is a lost soul like Aisha that just needs some one to love her unconditionally. Until she finds God, I try to be that human example of unconditional love for her.

Suprina said...

Tonia: Now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty here. I, too, have a LOT of relatives who are good people, just doing bad things and making really bad choices.

Have I tried to get them saved? Yes, but with each one I have to go about it in a different way.

Some relatives you have to preach fire and brimstone to. Others you have to preach the glories of Heaven to. Still there are others that just have to see 'you' walk out the Word first before they will even listen to you. There is a small segment that don't want to hear nothing nobody says about God for their various reasons. Those are the ones that I just pray for (the whole throwing the pearls before the swine thing) and show extra unconditional love to.

So, Tonia, I'm definitely feeling the heart of your post. It is right on my sista!