Monday, September 10, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 12.1

Aisha was shocked, to say the least, when she found herself being picked up in the strong arms of none other than Bonz. Did he see her fall? And if so, how had he gotten to her so fast? She’d just hit the ground barely seven seconds ago. What was he, Speedy Gonzales’ cousin or something?

“I got you, Aisha,” Bonz said tenderly, cradling her in his arms as if she was precious to him.

Aisha had to blink several times in an attempt to regain her focus. The tender way Bonz called her name, the even more tender way he was holding her sent shock ways throughout her system. She honestly couldn’t think straight right now.

“How…how to you know my name?” Aisha stammered out, temporarily forgetting that he’d jacked one of her old business cards from Jarrett.

“I remember someone calling you that at The Urban Revue,” Bonz replied honestly. He learned Aisha’s last name and her profession after he commandeered her card from the club’s ex-bartender.

In more legal terms, Bonz did a bit of theft by taking/extortion to obtain Aisha’s business card. Unfortunately for her, neither were things he would go to jail for.

With the mentioning of the club, Aisha’s memory was suddenly back with a vengeance. Now she wanted to scream, ‘Put me down, you killer!’

Simultaneously desire began to pump harder through her veins. Butterflies attacked her belly. Her inner core clenched with need.

No! This could not be happening again. Surely Aisha couldn’t want a man this badly. Surely she couldn’t want this man this badly.

“Are you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Bonz asked with concern when she failed to speak right away.

Of course I’m hurt. I miss my brother, you idiot! The same brother you helped kill, Aisha mused, fighting to hold onto her rage.

Why wouldn’t the rage overtake the desire in her body? Why were they acting as if it was okay to reside together like roommates? As if it was all right to crave kisses from a man she despised. What was wrong with her?

“No, I’m a lot tougher than I look,” Aisha finally said. “In fact, the only thing that’s hurt on me right now is my feelings. I’m a bit embarrassed by that tumble I just had. By the way, you can put me down now.” She skillfully slid into her role like a pair of pantyhose, even though that was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

In all honestly, Aisha wanted to run home and take the coldest shower possible. Then hop on the next plane to London in order to get as far away as she could from her attraction to this man. Yet her need for revenge wouldn’t allow her to. She had to see this thing through to the end, no matter the cost.

Bonz reluctantly complied and placed Aisha upon her feet again. “Are you sure you’re okay? I could take you over to our picnic table to rest up a bit. By the way, my name is Bonz in case you forgot.” He clearly wasn’t ready for her to leave yet. Especially so soon after running into her again.

Aisha looked towards the table and shook her head. “No, I’m fine,” she replied, refusing to call him by his nickname. “Besides, it looks like you guys have a family thing going on. I don’t want to impose.” Plus, Aisha still didn’t know if she had it in her to be false around children. Like the elderly, they had a way of seeing right through a person.

“You won’t be imposing,” Bonz insisted. “There’s more than enough food and you could keep me company since I’m the oddball out.”

“The oddball out?” Aisha returned her gaze to him, instantly spotting a touch of desperation in his eyes. It was obvious that he was grasping at straws to keep her from rejecting him again. She liked that.

“Yes, none of those kids or women are mine,” Bonz said, putting emphasis on the thing he deemed most important.

I see one woman that looks like she wants to be yours, Aisha mused as she glanced towards the table again. One of the fair-skinned women was practically scowling at her.

That amused Aisha. And suddenly her mind changed. She forgot all about the kids as she surrendered to her competitive side, which could be quite dominant at times.

Aisha couldn’t remember the last time she sparred with a worthy female opponent in her personal life. In her professional life, she sparred with them on a regular basis since the entertainment industry was very competitive and quite cutthroat at times.

This might be fun, Aisha thought, ready to sharpen her claws a bit. “I think I will join you, but only on one condition,” she said aloud.

Bonz’s eyes perked up. He relaxed a bit. “Name it.”

“You have to tell me your real name.” Aisha backed her words up with a flirtatious smile.

Bonz hesitated, getting lost in her dimples for a few seconds. “My real name is Gregory Forsyth.” If disclosing this bit of personal information was going to help get Aisha into his bed, he was willing to do it.

“Nice to formally meet you, Gregory Forsyth.” Aisha extended her right hand towards him. “By the way, my full name is Aisha Norwood.” But of course you already know that, you business card thief, she added silently.

Bonz shook her hand, marveling at how soft it was. “Nice to meet you, too, Aisha Norwood. Now let’s go get some barbecue.”

Since he seemed so reluctant to release her hand, Aisha allowed Bonz to continue holding it as he led the way to his friends. The whole walk over, she silently marveled at the strong undercurrents of electricity that passed from his hand to hers and back again.

With chemistry like this, sex with this man would be explosive, Aisha mused, once again forgetting that Bonz was supposed to be the enemy.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


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Anonymous said...

Aisha, Aisha. Girlfriend has some serious issues she needs to go to God about. But I guess that'll come later.

Subrina said...

I hope Aisha really know what she's getting herself into because it seems to me that the chemistry between her and Bonz may change the outcome of her revenge.

Suprina said...

Marlene: Yes, that Aisha has a lot of serious issues that only God can help her with. But just like most people, she's going try to do it in her own strength first, fall flat on her face, and then cry out to God when her eyes finally come open.

Subrina: You're also on the right track. Sometimes I think its not just your name that's so close to mine, but also your brain. lol. Or maybe it's because you've just about read EVERYTHING I wrote and so you now have a good idea how my brain works. lol.

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