Monday, September 10, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 11

Aisha stayed gone for a whole month instead of three weeks. She’d taken on an extra week of work in order to be able to return to Georgia for another full month. She anticipated that that was all the time it would take for her to make Bonz fall in love with her and then dump him. The sooner Aisha exacted her revenge, the sooner she could go on with the rest of her life and put this whole episode behind her.

But first, she made sure to get some much needed rest. She had to look and feel her best when she saw Bonz again if her plan was going to work. Thus Aisha rested all day Saturday, shedding jetlag and allowing her body to get used to the change in time zones again. On Sunday, she took a long soothing bath and then got ready to go to another one of Bonz’s hangout spots.

Today’s hangout spot was a local park. Aisha didn’t glean this location from her many talks with Berry. No, she gathered this data during her visit to The Urban Revue. It turns out that Bonz’s name had been on many women’s lips in the ladies’ room that night.

Some of those women had already slept with him and simply wanted another go since he was supposed to be this great lover and all. Others hadn’t slept with Bonz yet and were waiting for him to make his rounds to them. Amazingly, there were even a few women that vowed to ‘accidentally’ get pregnant by him if ever given the opportunity. Aisha almost gagged on that bit of information.

It seems that being one of Bonz’s women came with a lot of financial perks and a certain level of street respect. Aisha wanted nor needed either. All she wanted was revenge. Sweet revenge.

Deciding to use one of her favorite pastimes as an alibi for being in the park, Aisha pulled her black rollerblades out of the closet. She also retrieved a red halter top with a mischievous keyhole in the front that reeked of sensuality. There was a built-in bralette, which kept the top classy and avoided show-through.

For her bottom, Aisha donned a pair of thigh-high black Speedos in order to show off her long shapely legs and curvy derriere. With this outfit, she intended to give Bonz a little bit more to see, a little bit more to lust after. Aisha also planned to be a little bit friendlier today, a little bit more flirty until she had him completely hooked.

At the park, Aisha secured her mace containing red pouch about her waist and placed her headphones upon her ears. She kept the music turned down low. She could listen to jazz anytime. Right now she needed to be alert to everything around her. Especially if this park turned out to be another ghetto hangout spot.

As Aisha began to skate her way along the winding sidewalks of the park, she quickly realized that there was nothing ghetto about this place at all. Or rather people’s perception of the stereotypical ghetto scene.

There was no loud, vulgar music blaring to interrupt the serenity of innocent ears, no unsupervised children traversing about, and no gaudy flashes of bling-bling. In fact, this seemed to be a nice middleclass park. The people inhabiting it seemed intent on having good clean fun with their families.

What would Bonz and his crew be doing in a place like this?

Suddenly Aisha got her answer. Over in the southeast corner of the park were Bonz, E-Blade, and Racker. Three different women were with them today. There were at least four children of varying ages underfoot, as well. Large picnic baskets were on each end of the table where they congregated. A long red cooler sat nearby on the ground.

This is the park that they bring their families to, Aisha deduced.

She wasn’t sure if the men were married to the women. Or if they were simply their baby-mamas. But Aisha was sure of at least one thing - she would not be interrupting this gathering. She had no stomach for exacting revenge when innocent children were around. Children and old people had always been her weakness.

Aisha swirled around to head back the other way. Unfortunately, her left rollerblade encountered a merciless crack in the sidewalk, causing her ankle to twist. Soon Aisha was heading downwards. Fast.

* * *

“Ooo…that woman over there just hit the ground. Hard!” Cami said from her place at the wooden picnic bench. While the other women had been watching the men play Frisbee with the kids, she’d been observing the strangers in the park.

Cami always paid close attention to new surroundings and new people. And as a newcomer to the mostly urban metropolis of Enfield, Georgia, she was trying to take in all the sights. At least she was when she wasn’t staring adoringly at Bonz, the man her cousin Delia was trying to set her up with today.

As soon as Cami pointed out the fallen skater, everyone paused from their activities and looked in the direction she indicated. Even the youngest children looked on curiously.

When Bonz’s eyes lit upon the fallen woman, everything and everyone else around him ceased to exist. A few yards away was the woman he’d dreamed about for a whole month straight. The same woman he repeatedly tried to reach by phone to no avail.

Aisha, Bonz mused, dropping everything to run to her rescue.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

There has to be something else to Bonz. I have a feeling that he isn't all he appears to be. The fact that he's in a family park with children...rushing over to help Aisha...something's missing. Am I right? Marlene

Suprina said...

Marlene: You're on the right track, girl.


Tonia said...

I agree with Marlene. Bonz has another side. I really can respect the fact that Aisha isn't going to play any games with Children around.

Suprina said...

Tonia: I'm glad you're seeing the good sides of Bonz and Aisha. I was concerned that people would judge them both too harshly based on some of the things they do, did, and will do.