Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reader input needed

Happy New Year's everybody!

I'm getting ready to start posting another story here, but I need your help in deciding which one. Please visit the ordering pages of MY WEBSITE, come back here and tell me which book you'd like to preview next (excluding the ones in paperback).

I'm feeling kinda generous in this new year and might let you preview the whole book on this blog.

Let me know something by Sunday, okay? I want to start posting by Monday of next week.

Be blessed,



Sene said...

Hi there,
I loved reading your My Lover, My friend & Bound by love..
I would like you to preview either "Up from Sorrow" or " In your arms only".


Suprina said...

Thanks for responding, Sene. I'll be glad to feature the first book you requested Up From Sorrow). Maybe I can do the second one next month (In Your Arms Only).