Monday, January 15, 2007

Author Note

As I wrapped up the story for this blog, I started thinking about another blog that I wanted to start for my Sci/Fi books. I've been so busy recently that I was reluctant to begin anything new at this point, but the idea just wouldn't leave me alone. So....

So I created a new blog which is directly connected to my main website. The blog can be found as a link from My Website or you can follow the link below to view the service firsthand. I will also provide a link on this blog to the Sci/Fi so you guys can keep up with the other things I'm doing literary wise.

Keep in mind that I'm only one person (with 2 careers and a family), so I will probably only have one story (at the most 2 - with one posting slower than the other) running at the same time on any of my blogs. However, all of that could change tomorrow if I get a big book deal or if my books start selling off the charts. Then I could hire somebody to help with the free posts. Ahh...such a wonderful dream.

Anyway, I said I would give you a chance to see how well I can write Sci/Fi, so here's the link:

aka: Mi'Chelle Dodson, S.D. Frazier

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