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Hump Day - Ch. 8

“Ever since you walked into that classroom, I’ve wanted to touch you like this, kiss you like this, let you feel me like this,” Sebastian whispered in between kisses as he pressed Tabitha even closer to him.

She moaned out her pleasure. “I wanted the same things, baby.”

“I want you to feel even more of me, Tab. Take my shirt off as only you can,” he urged fervently. Although Sebastian had had to buy new shirts the whole time they were together before, it had been so worth it to see how she disposed of his old ones.

Surrendering to her long suppressed savage side; Tabitha promptly placed both hands at Sebastian’s collar and pulled. The buttons on the expensive shirt flew apart as she ripped the garment open.

“I’ve wanted to do that ever since class today. Had even thought about it once or twice over dinner tonight,” she confessed as her eyes greedily perused his torso.

Before Sebastian could respond, Tabitha leaned forward and licked a sensual trail from his collarbone to his bellybutton. All he could do was moan.

“I’ve always loved your chest,” Tabitha said, lifting her head to look at it again before descending upon it again with ravenous lips.

Sebastian’s chest was still deliciously hairy, yet the muscles were more defined now. The color of it was deep brown, as if God had made him from the richest clay. When an oil-based lotion was applied to Sebastian’s skin, it caused him to look like a radiant Nubian prince – regal, highly attractive and extremely desirable.

As Tabitha continued to lap at him like a thirsty woman, Sebastian moaned louder. His passion level rose even higher as she used her lips and her hands to start all kinds of bonfires upon his torso.

This was the kind of fire that Sebastian missed. The kind that he still craved. That much was evident by the hungry way he gripped at Tabitha’s supple curves even through the chocolate-colored knit top and formfitting jeans she wore.

Although Alzora was a great lover in her own right, she was more prim and proper in the bedroom, more subdued. She probably wouldn’t be verbal while making love even if someone dared her to.

On the other hand, Tabitha was feisty and aggressive. She challenged a man to rise to the occasion, both physically and figuratively, with her sexual energy. She could shout or whisper things in a man’s ear during intimacy that had him wanting to please her forever.

Sebastian thought he needed an exact opposite in a woman to balance himself off since he was more on the hot-tempered, hot-natured side himself. Now he longed to have the kind of woman that was his equal in every way. The kind of woman that could make him feel alive just from watching her bow-legged stride alone. The kind of woman that could make him wonder if he’d been asleep for the last ten years while he wasn’t with her because everything in Sebastian was tingling with stimulation now.

“What kind of panties do you have on, Tab? Because I’m going to tear them off you with my teeth,” Sebastian said huskily, savagely. Tabitha hadn’t been the only one ripping garments while they were together. She’d prompted him to rip a few off her, as well - undergarments, that is.

At the delicious memories Sebastian invoked, Tabitha’s sapphire eyes darkened in color. Now they looked like the deep blue sea as condensed passion swam in their depths. She felt more alive than ever, as well, energized even, able to conqueror and accomplish any goal. Sebastian had always had this affect on her and she loved it.

“Why don’t you have a look,” Tabitha tantalized, standing to her feet to unfasten her jeans. In just a few seconds, he would see the lacy red thong she wore underneath.

Just then, the telephone rang. Sebastian and Tabitha ceased from all movement. They both were temporarily in shock from the unexpected distraction. By the second ring, Tabitha had sprung into action and was now straightening her clothes as fast as she could.

Sebastian sat in guilty silence, trying to decide if he should answer the phone or not, considering the current circumstances. His breathing was still ragged, as if he’d just run a marathon. His loins were so filled with aching need that he seriously doubted if he could walk two steps without pain.

Meanwhile, Tabitha was busy pulling her clothes and her thoughts back together. They’d both been in complete disarray just a few short minutes ago. No wonder she almost surrendered to those primal urges.

God, what is wrong with me?! Tabitha mused hotly. She didn’t understand how she could have put herself in such an awkward position? How could she almost ruin ten good years of celibacy and negate everything she’d come to Pavilion City to do?

Worse, if her prejudice superiors back home got wind of this, they’d accuse her of sleeping with the instructor and would never take her seriously as a detective. Therefore, Tabitha had to put a stop to this right now. Why should she jeopardize her destiny for a fantastic roll in the hay with a man who already had a girlfriend? A girlfriend that was calling him at that exact moment based on the voice on the answering machine.

* * *

“Sebastian, darling, are you still awake? Maybe you’re in the shower. I hope since I’m suddenly feeling in the mood for love,” Alzora said, singing a few words from an old song. She chuckled when she was done. “Anyway, I’m leaving home right this minute and if I hurry, I might be there in enough time to help you dry your back. See you soon, darling.” She made a kissing sound in the phone and hung up.

By the time the message was complete, Tabitha’s clothes were in order again and she was headed towards the front door. Sebastian leaped up from the couch and hastened behind her. He could not let her leave with things still so unsettled between.

“Standby, detective,” Sebastian said, using professional jargon and an authoritative tone to get her to halt. When that didn’t work, he grabbed one of her arms. “I said standby, Tab.”

Tabitha stopped in her tracks and looked back at him. She kept her eyes above his neck to keep from staring at his chest through the ripped shirt. “If I do that, Alzora will find me here and she’s going to want to know why. How are you going to explain my presence in your house at this time of night, Seb? How are you going to explain your torn shirt? Or the fact that my lip-gloss is on your body in places it should never be?”

When Sebastian tried to answer, she interrupted. “No, let me go, Seb. And I mean in every way. It’s what best for the both of us. You already have a wonderful woman in your life and I have to respect that. On the other hand, I have a ten year and counting vow of celibacy to uphold, plus a destiny to fulfill in Leeward. And I need for you to respect that.”

She hasn’t been with another man ‘since’ me? Sebastian mused, focusing on the part that appealed to him the most. This Jesus Christ ‘must’ be real to make a hot-blooded woman like this abstain for that many years, he thought, still staring at Tabitha in shock.

As the shock rapidly wore off, Sebastian nodded, yet he did not release her arm. That nod was one of acceptance of Tabitha leaving his home right now. It was not one of her leaving his life as a whole.

“I heard you, Tab. Loud and clear. But now hear me. After what just happened between us, I could never let you go in every way. Yes, I’ll teach you to be the best detective this side of the Mississippi, and I’ll do it without personal involvement, too. But once this course is over and you’ve done what you set out to do in Leeward, you and I are going to finished what we started,” he said, finally releasing her arm.

“There you go again, still making decisions for others,” Tabitha countered hotly, even though every word he’d said inflamed more than just her temper.

“Even so it will come to pass, Tab. You can bet on that,” Sebastian insisted. As he spoke, he removed his shirt and crumpled it into a ball in his hands. Now his muscular chest was exposed in all of its glory.

Suddenly the air became sexually charged again as Tabitha broke their intense gaze and stared at his hairy chest. Her tongue seemed to lick her lips of its own accord.

Sebastian felt another round of heat surge through him at the hungry way she looked at his chest. He fought with himself not to assist her with her lip-licking task.

“If you’re going to leave, Tab, you better do it right now. Because if you stay here much longer, I’m going to make love to you tonight and worry about the consequences later,” Sebastian said in a low husky tone.

At those words, Tabitha tore her eyes away from his chest and promptly headed out the front door. She recognized a way of escape when she saw one, which is why she left Sebastian’s presence without daring to look back.

Moving quickly, Tabitha was careful to stay in the shadows in her quest not to draw undue attention to herself. Fortunately, she made it into her navy-blue vehicle and down the street just in time before Alzora rounded the corner to Sebastian’s house.

As Tabitha drove home that night, she was prayerful as she repented for her promiscuous actions this evening. She also prayed to be purged of all jealousy towards Alzora who was no doubt about to have a wild night of passion with the man that Tabitha’s heart still secretly craved.

© 2006 by Suprina Frazier

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