Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Forgot!

In case anyone else forgot, the month of June was supposed to see a return of the Friday Date Nights (which run quarterly from Jan - March, May - July, and finally from September - November).

Since my schedule was thrown completely out of wack the last three months, I'm not going to even try to post a Date Night sequence so late in the game. Instead I'll be posting a lengthy sample of one of my e-books entitled Colors of Love.

This is not the blurb, but I thought you might want to know ahead of time that:

Colors of Love focuses on the struggle to differentiate between love and lust when it comes to developing healthy romantic relationships. By illuminating this struggle, my intent is not to offend through some of the intense scenes you will encounter, but to show how two flawed, yet very sincere individuals will find the ultimate victory in this battle.


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