Monday, May 29, 2006

Kin to the Saboteur - Letter to Readers

Kin to the Saboteur was about so many things and had so many lessons contained within its pages. Among them were the dangers of bitterness, the consequences of coveting what belongs to another, and the reality of just how powerful forgiveness truly is. Yet the primary focus of this book was to just let people know that it’s okay to celebrate ourselves sometimes. Like Halona, we all have to be proud of how God made us, even if no one else is. Adam had to learn that and so have I over the years.

Another important lesson learned through Kin to the Saboteur is the need to rely solely upon God to give us what we need. And that means in every area of our lives. Read 2 Chronicles 13, particularly verse 18 which talks about how the children of Judah prevailed because they relied upon the Lord God of their fathers.

In Kin to the Saboteur, Adam needed a father figure in his life. He was given one in Hezekiah. In that same respect, Hezekiah needed sons to love. He was given those in Adam and in the boys enrolled in his summer program. Let’s not forget about Halona, who needed a man that could look past all of her little quirks and give her unconditional love. Thankfully, she found that in Adam.

In conclusion, I truly hope that you enjoyed Kin to the Saboteur, my very first attempt at a western, as much as I enjoyed writing it. By the way, there really was a woman named Black Mary. Research it out and see what intriguing things you will find. God bless.

PS: Chapters 16 and up were removed as of June 2. To read Kin to the Saboteur in its entirely now, feel free to purchase a copy through my website.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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