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Kin to the Saboteur - Ch. 7

Halona went to her piano as she often did after a long day of work. It helped her to relax and to forget her loneliness if only for a little while. As her fingers rode over the black and white keys, she thought about her new farm hand.

Although he seemed as citified as the day was long, Adam Thorpe had taken to farm work quite easily. He’d been right about being a quick learner. Once was all he’d needed to be shown anything and in no time, he had the correct rhythm of a task. And he hadn’t muttered a complaint all day, no matter how difficult the job had gotten.

Halona had a strong feeling Mr. Thorpe was going to more than work out by Friday. Now she just had to figure out how to work past these strange feelings she got whenever she was around him.


Lying in his hotel room, Adam barely bothered to take his dusty boots off before climbing into bed. Undressing to take a bath was out of the question. It felt as if every muscle in his body hurt. Now he wished to high heaven that he’d taken one of the Negro workers up on his offer to room at his house until threshing season was over.

Henry Colbert was the same Negro worker that Adam helped out of a tight jam when the man got behind on his work due to a few unexpected back spasms. Like several of the other workers, Henry lived in one of the seven, two-bedroom tenant houses on the far northern portion of the Ackerman property. Halona owned those, too, and kept the rent unusually low so that her workers could have extra money to save for their own properties one day.

Yet since Adam opted to maintain his hotel room, he’d had to ride his horse all the way back into town. Every bump in the road had seemed like torture. Every second had seemed stretched into an hour before he finally made it to the livery where he usually kept Cimarron at night and then on to his hotel room.

Farm life is obviously not the same everywhere, Adam mused, not recalling doing anything nearly this hard on the farm in England.

However, Adam was determined not to let this new type of farm work defeat him. Thus, he heaved himself up from the large walnut finish bed and began to undress for his bath. Slowly his weary hands moved, but that was all right. For as long as they were still moving, he wasn’t defeated.

Needing to add extra motivation to this moment, Adam began to think of the main reason he was doing all this. He could just see his publishing company go up now. The outside of the building would be conservative gray, but the inside would be full of vivid colors to help stimulate the minds of his employees. The newspapers, catalogs, and circulars he would print would all have a large readership. And their stockroom would be filled to capacity with books by talented authors both old and new.

Still Adam’s hands moved slowly in undressing himself. Even more motivation would be needed now. Allowing his mind to wander as if pleased, Adam suddenly he got a mental picture of Halona in those snug denims she’d worn today. And just as suddenly, a burst of energy surged through his body.

Although some men thought it was an affront to them for a woman to be wearing men’s trousers, Adam found it highly stimulating. Especially on Halona since she could fill out a pair of pants so well.

Now that is a lady with no need of a bustle, Adam thought, feeling even more invigorated by the memory of Halona’s full derriere. His previously tired arms and legs were moving at top speed now. In no time, he’d be undressed and done with his bath.

An hour later, Adam lay back across his bed in a pair of black striped pajamas and reflected upon the rest of today’s events. Among the many things he’d learned today was the fact that although threshing season was a time of extremely hard work, it was also a time of socializing with neighbors, enjoyment for the children and lots and lots of wonderful food.

Men, women, and children showed up before sunrise today, all ready to work. While the men brought the bundles of dried wheat to the threshing machine for it to separate the grain from the straw, the women teamed up together to feed the threshers a huge, seemingly continuous meal.

That meal was better than anything Adam had ever had back east. There was fried chicken from chickens that had been butcher fresh that morning, mashed potatoes, bread and biscuits with homemade butter and jam, green beans, peas, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, ham and roast beef, and pies of all sorts. The beverages included iced tea and lemonade.

Adam’s favorite dessert had been the caramel pie that a woman named Marilu Bridges had personally prepared. His second favorite was the chocolate pie that another woman named Elnora Duplantis had fixed and dropped off at the site. Elnora was one of Miss Ackerman’s in-town employees.

After the 9am feeding time, Adam had truly looked forward to the two other meals which were at noon and 4pm. Those three meals had obliterated any traces of hunger in his body all day. He was still full now.

As for the farm children, some were responsible for hauling pails of water, towels, and soap for the field workers to wash before meals. Others were responsible for filling water jugs with cold well water, wrapping them in burlap to keep them cool, and taking them out to the workers to combat the heat. A few of the older, extremely responsible children were bundle haulers that pitched off one bundle at a time into the feeder.

Halona, whose motto was ‘a thing done right today means less trouble tomorrow’, had done a little bit of everything today. She not only functioned in the position of supervisor, but also helped out wherever it was needed. That included lending a hand to the men in the fields, helping the women with the meal set up, and even assisting the children with their various chores.

Everyone had worked as a well-oiled machine today and just like Halona had mentioned beforehand, they all had treated the other with the utmost respect. As a result, Adam couldn’t wait to go back tomorrow, despite his sore muscles and despite the fact that tomorrow might come with even more sweltering heat.


Later that night, Halona could be found writhing in her walnut canopy bed. Her body was soaked with sweat, causing the sky-blue satin shift she wore and the thin white and blue trimmed bedcovers to stick to her skin. It wasn’t the weather outside that was making her so hot. Rather it was the dream in her head. In fact, the vivid imaginary of Halona and a certain new farm worker had her behaving like a sensual, full-bloodied woman for the first time in her life.

In the dream, Fantasy Adam lay beside Fantasy Halona at the foot of a gently rolling hill. The grass underneath them was plush and soft to the touch, just right for a lover’s tryst.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve even seen in my life. I want to make love to you,” Fantasy Adam whispered, gently caressing the left side of her face.

Fantasy Halona shuddered with pleasure and that shudder carried over to the real Halona. “Oh, Adam,” she moaned, giving him permission to do as he willed with her.

At her moan of consent, Fantasy Adam began to plant little feathery kisses upon Fantasy Halona’s forehead, each eyelid, the tip of her strong nose, each cheek, and then finally her mouth. The feathery kiss that landed upon her lips soon turned into a voracious exchange as his tongue slid into her mouth for greater intimacy.

That kiss had to be in dreamland, because there was no way two people could have gone at it that long without taking a breath or with such fervency and not cause injury. It was surreal to kiss a person so long and so deep that you felt as if you were tasting that person’s soul and vice versa. Yet that’s exactly how intense the dream lovers’ kiss was.

Real Halona sighed in pleasure and arched her body as Fantasy Adam began to go lower with his kisses. She moaned his name repeatedly as his dream lips tasted her dream body from collarbone to hip bone. “Take me now,” Fantasy Halona whispered to her dream lover, using Real Halona’s vocal cords.

Fantasy Adam hovered above his dream mate and soon complied with her request. When they were fully joined, he clasped hands with her and began to slowly build towards ecstasy. Fantasy Halona moaned in pleasure as their union stimulated every nerve ending in her body to full attention. Real Halona moaned, too.

Fantasy Halona moved her body in response to the tender dream lover above her. Real Halona’s body moved in the same hypnotic rhythm, causing her satin nightgown to ride up her thighs. Large portions of the bedcovers were now tightly bunched up in her hands as the moment of culmination approached.

Yet before that climatic moment could arrive, Real Halona’s dogs barked at something moving outside and woke her up. With reality sending the two dream lovers into oblivion, the real Halona bolted upright and looked anxiously around in the darkness of her room. Ordinarily she would have immediately reached for the pistol she kept on the round bedside table nearby, but this time her reflexes were a lot slower.

First, Halona had to get her breathing under control. Then she had to snatch away the damp covers still sticking to her body. Finally, Halona could retrieve her weapon. Yet even still her movements were done with shaky hands. She’d never had a dream like that in her life and it had shaken her to the very core.

Now fully awake, Halona walked in the dark towards the kitchen area so that she could look out at the back of the four-bedroom ranch-styled house. Fortunately, her bedroom was the last one on the long hallway and also the closest one to the kitchen so she didn’t have that much distance to cover.

With raised pistol, Halona inched the brown kitchen curtain slightly to the left side. It was fortunate that she’d had expensive outdoor lighting installed around the house in the years since her father passed. Now that she was living alone and with Marilu not living as close anymore, Halona needed to be able to clearly see who was on her property from all directions.

Aponi, Elan, and Jacy had come across a hungry jackrabbit aiming to get into Halona’s large vegetable garden and were now running the poor creature away. Sighing with relief that no real danger was about and that it wasn’t an exploring skunk like last year, Halona lowered her pistol and made her way back towards her bedroom. Recalling that skunk incident now caused her to scrunch up her nose. She and her dogs had smelled like who-did-it-and-what-for for over a week behind that horrific encounter.

On the way back to her bedroom, Halona decided to stop by the bathroom and take a cold bath in lieu of making a late night trip to her private waterfall. I got a feeling tomorrow’s gonna be a long day, she mused. In fact, Halona dreaded seeing Adam ever again after the dream she just had about him. No wonder she was attempting to quench the fire inside her body by applying cold water to the outside of it.


In town, Adam was having a similar dream, except in his dream he and Halona went all the way without interruption. In fact, in his dream, Adam was well on his way to ravishing Halona’s body for a second time. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her and vice-versa. By the time he woke up the next morning, Adam’s blue and maroon patterned bedcovers were on the floor and a new determination had settled into his heart.

There is no way I’m leaving this town without doing everything I can to bring that dream to pass, he mused. Then he sprung up from the bed with the energy of a young schoolboy.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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