Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Turbulent Journey - Ch. 2

At 6:30pm, Montez drove her red Porsche towards the dock. On the way there she observed how fidgety her passenger was and smiled.

“Don’t worry, Angel. This will be fun. You’ll see,” Montez said reassuringly. After a few drinks you’ll be just fine. And just ripe, too, she sensually added to herself. Montez had big plans for Angel tonight. Vincent, too.

Angel and Montez arrived at the marina right at twilight, when day was rapidly turning into night. To their delight, the bright lights of The White Sparrow seemed to beckon them to come sail with it. The two women were eager to heed its call as they met up with their boyfriends and went to search for their rooms.

As previously arranged, Montez was sharing a room with her boyfriend Bobby Bidgood, but Angel was bunking alone. Despite Vincent’s protests, she would not be sharing a cabin with him. He needed to be glad she had even come on this cruise. This was a big step for her as it was. As a result, Angel left her disgruntled boyfriend on deck as she made her way to her separate stateroom.


“Is everything all taken care of?” Scott Reeves asked one of the black and white uniformed wait staff. His dark brown eyes scanned the deck area, looking around for any signs of trouble, any possible glitches to his plans.

“Yes, boss. Everything’s all set,” Michael Chapman said, standing erect with a silver tray of champagne filled glasses that he held at eyelevel with his right hand.

“Good. Very good,” Scott said with a cold glint in his eyes. Even as he watched the passengers come and go in preparation for tonight’s festivities, he felt no remorse for them. Not even for the beautiful, bronze-skinned, green-eyed specimen that had accidentally bumped into him on her way to her room. Although that woman certainly stirred Scott’s loins, his heart had remained completely unaffected. No one would be spared tonight.


Inside of Angel’s cabin was a full-sized bunk with collage bedding in floral blue, lavender and gray. A large four-drawer chest sat opposite the bed. The closet, which was accessed by a sliding oak door, surprisingly had adequate storage space for all of her luggage.

All of the white walls were decorated with ornate pictures of various tropical islands and one oval-shaped, curtained window faced the sea on the way to the cubbyhole-sized bathroom. Angel was pleased with what she saw and she wasted no time familiarizing herself with the room.

After unpacking, Angel met a more relaxed Vincent and their other fellow voyagers on deck for a night of moonlight dancing and partying. The stars were twinkling above and the night air was still mild enough to wear the sexy halter-top dress she’d brought specifically for an evening like this.

Angel had wanted to get a reaction out of Vincent with this dress. From the way he was acting on the dance floor, she’d gotten more than she expected.

Vincent couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her. In all honesty, it was starting to become a source of irritation for Angel. Vincent’s lecherous behavior had already spoiled her appetite. Who could concentrate on food when someone’s hand is riding up your thigh every other second, trying to gain access to forbidden zones? As a result, Angel hardly ate a thing tonight.

I hate being pawed like this, she mused, suddenly looking over in Montez’s direction. I guess being groped isn’t an issue for her, Angel thought, noticing how Bobby’s hands were all over her friend’s scantly clad body.

Montez had on a red lacy bra top that looked too small for her generous bosom and a tight, red and black lacy skirt. The outfit looked more like lingerie than outerwear. And most noticeably of all was the fact that Montez appeared to be urging Bobby on with her seductive movements up against him. Since that wasn’t Angel’s style, at the first available moment, she made an excuse to go back to her room.

Not only was Angel already regretting having agreed to come on this cruise, she was starting to realize that she was no where near ready to take her relationship with Vincent to the next level. As she walked to her cabin, Angel also finally realized that she wasn’t ready to exchange who she was, to become more like Montez. In fact, everything in her was rejecting this whole scene.

Interestingly enough, she’d never felt this way when attending functions with Montez before. Yet somehow Angel knew that this was just the beginning of change. Her party attendance would most likely drop dramatically in the very near future.

All of a sudden, Angel felt the need to escape this current party scene. Unfortunately, they’d already left port and were well on their way to their first destination. Right then, she made up her mind about a few things.

When we stop in Savannah, I’m getting off this boat and flying home, Angel mused. She also resolved to tell Vincent that he could either wait until she was really ready or he could move on with his life without her. Either way, she wasn’t going to submit to the fear of losing him. Being alone was better than being unhappy.

Although Angel briefly considered going back to the party, the thought of being groped again made her quickly change her mind. Besides that, the few hors d’oeuvres she’d eaten had caused her stomach to feel queasy. Instead of going to her room, Angel decided to find a quiet spot on the other side of the boat, thinking that the fresh air might do her some good.


Jamaal Norris finished eating his meal in his room and decided to go for a walk. Old emotions had begun to attack his mind again and he was feeling antsy because of it.

I don’t know what made me think that I could do this, he mused, trying hard not to surrender to the raging emotional storm brewing within him.

Then Jamaal remembered his mother’s urgings and found the answer to his muse. ‘Sail and confront your issues head-on at sea,’ Marla Norris had said when encouraging her son to deal with his problems concerning his father.

Well, I’m here, Lord. I just ask that You help me make it through this trip, Jamaal prayed, feeling as if he was in for a long weekend.


Phoenix, the cruise director, quietly slipped into his cabin to take a shot of insulin. His mouth was dry and he was starting to feel a little funny. After giving himself the necessary dosage, he put fresh food and water in the two bowls that he designated for the small puppy in his midst.

“You’re going to be a great guard dog,” Phoenix said as he rubbed the black and white puppy’s head. He was careful not to touch the hind parts of the animal where Martinez received his first set of booster shots during his recent veterinarian checkup.

“I can’t wait to take you home with me,” Phoenix continued, thinking that with all the break-ins in his neighborhood lately, it was either get a dog or get a gun. And since he detested all forms of violence, he did the former.

Then after making a quick bathroom stop, the competent cruise director gave his dog another affectionate rub on the head and went on his way. Phoenix had a ship full of people to attend to.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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