Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Author Question (s)

As many of you know, Friday Date Night is due to start again soon (May 5th). I wanted to see if you all are ready for it? Or if you would like another long preview like I did this month?

The reason for these questions is because I still have tons of editing deadlines to meet (April went by much faster than I thought). It would be much simpler for me to simply post chapters of a book that's already written, then to have to write new installments of an ongoing story every week.

However, if yall are really missing Friday Date Night, I will gladly take the time to do it. LOL. It was fun having you guys decide how each storyline should end. And the interactions were priceless.

Let me know something by Sunday (April 30th), okay?

Be blessed,



Anonymous said...

If you still have editing to do, I think you need to do what is easiest for you. We aren't going anywhere! We can wait. :-)

Suprina said...

Thanks, anonymous. I really appreciate everything you said.

Btw, if another long preview is put in play next month, the book will be Kin to the Saboteur - my very 1st western.

I had so much fun researching the old west. Even more fun writing about people of color falling in love during that unique time in American history. Plus, the heroine of that story is a hoot!

Keep the comments coming yall.