Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good News!

In the month of April, I will be featuring another one of my novels entitled 'Turbulent Journey' in its entirety. Cut and paste that freebie to your computers while you can, because once May gets here, the second half of 'Turbulent Journey' will be taken off the blog and the whole book will once again be for sale. If you recall, I did the same thing in December with 'Beautiful...Tangled Roots'.

Now on to my second batch of good news. I am currently in the process of putting 'Bittersweet Interruptions' in paperback form. At this time it is going through another editing process (When will the editing ever be over for any book? LOL).

I expect 'Bittersweet Interruptions' to be ready for release late spring, early summer. Special thanks to all those who have bought this book or any of my books in electronic format. Your financial support is making my leap to print possible, one book at a time. Thanks again.


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