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Bittersweet Interruptions - Ch. 7

After that late lunch, the game show participants all went back to the hotel to rest up and change. Per Kirk’s request, all three women would wear the outfits that he bought for them earlier that day. Because Alandria and Talethia selected lingerie as well as clothes in his presence, only Nyla would have the good doctor wondering what was underneath her new outfit.

At 7pm they all reconvened and were then escorted to one of the hottest nightclubs in Commonway. This was the part that Nyla dreaded the most. She was conflicted about whether a Christian should drink or go dancing. But after spending the last few hours calling around to track down her mother, she was finally able to get some peace about those things.

After first taking a few moments to praise God for Nyla’s conversion, Millicent Duncan mentioned that God’s Word didn’t seem to be against alcoholic beverages taken in moderation or for medicinal purposes. But that there was evidence of God’s disapproval concerning getting drunk.

Since most people didn’t know when to stop or either didn’t have the willpower to stop once they got started, Millicent advised Nyla to just refrain from drinking altogether until she could get further teaching on the subject.

As for the dancing question, Millicent informed her daughter that dancing was not sinful in and of itself. But that some people tended to use it in the wrong way. She concluded the conversation by mentioning that certain hip movements and gyrations often displayed in today’s dance steps were better if reserved for use between a husband and his wife. And since this man was not Nyla’s husband, Millicent advised her daughter to use wisdom and discretion in that area.


The party at Heroes and Heroines was jumping tonight. Colorful lights played with the eyes in time to the lively music that played with the feet. There were plenty of small, round tables set up on the two carpeted levels of the club to accommodate those who wanted to sit. There was also plenty of dancing room on the hardwood floor area for those who wanted to jam.

On top of that, people - dressed in their best party attire - were out early enjoying themselves, ready to party until the break of dawn. Alandria, Talethia, and Kirk were three of those people. In fact, after having a couple of drinks, the two women made a man-sandwich out of him on the dance floor while Nyla, who’d only had a club soda, danced alone.

Nyla really didn’t mind though. The date was almost over and she was pretty sure that Kirk would not pick her. And she didn’t want to be picked, either. She’d already accepted the fact that she didn’t need another man in her life right now. Emotionally, Nyla knew that she wasn’t ready for another serious relationship. And since she never believed in casual sex anyway, there was no other kind of relationship she could be in. Especially with a man like Kirk, a man she found herself very much attracted to.

Let me just make the most of these last few hours, for tomorrow I go home, Nyla inwardly resolved as she threw her hands up in the air to the rhythm of one of her favorite party songs. The song was entitled ‘You don’t have to call’ by R & B singer Usher.

“Hey,” she said soulfully as the music permeated her pores, prompting her feet to move. So engrossed in doing her own thing, Nyla failed to notice that Kirk had eased his way away from Alandria and Talethia and was now dancing closely behind her.

Although the two women looked disappointed that he’d left them, they didn’t try to stop Kirk from spending a few minutes alone with the ice princess. By now it was obvious to Alandria and Talethia that Nyla was not going to be picked, either. However, it was not surprising to them. Kirk needed someone who was warmer, more passionate towards him. Someone willing to go the extra mile to be with him and Nyla just hadn’t demonstrated the willingness to be that person today.

Meanwhile, Kirk continued to make the last few hours of his time with Nyla count as he danced behind her. With his eyes fixed on her effortless rhythm, it was obvious that she certainly had the moves of a winner, regardless of what anyone else thought.

Kirk suspected that Nyla was a natural dancer by the way she walked. All of her movements seemed completely in tune with every beat, every musical note. When the instruments took a dip, her body did, too. When they rose, she did, too. And when the music had a breakdown moment, Nyla broke it all the way down, practically to the floor.

What intrigued Kirk even more was the fact that Nyla wasn’t dancing to impress. She wasn’t dancing to get his or anyone else’s attention. In fact, her eyes were closed and the look on her caramel face was one of utter contentment as she simply enjoyed the music. Watching her, Kirk thought he was in heaven. Or at least somewhere near there. Unable to resist touching her, he moved closer and boldly placed his hands on her swaying hips.

Feeling hands on her body, Nyla’s eyes flew open as she turned around to face her unwelcome and uninvited dance partner. To her irritation, instead of removing his hands, Kirk simply shifted their positions. Now he held her firmly by the waist. Nyla’s chestnut pools sparked ire and something that was a close cousin to desire. She quickly hid the latter as she silenced all emotions, except a barely concealed sliver of anger.

Even though Nyla continued to dance, she hoped that Kirk would see that she wasn’t as enthusiastic anymore and remove his hands altogether. But he didn’t. Instead he reached down and palmed her bottom, drawer her even closer to him. No doubt Kirk wanted to see how well they moved together.

Discerning what Kirk was up to and yet not wanting to make a scene on national television, Nyla inched even closer to him, putting her arms sensually around his neck until she was at his ear. Then she whispered ever so softly that ear. “Let go of my behind right now or all of America is gonna see you wallowing in intense personal pain, if you know what I mean.”

Then under the guise of a sensual dance move, Nyla raised a knee slightly against Kirk’s inner thigh for extra emphasis. Withdrawing a bit, she smiled intently at him with a determined look on her face, sending him the message that she meant business.

Seeing such fire and ice at the same time, prompted a smiling Kirk to finally remove his hands. But he could not remove the affect Nyla had had on him. Her invigorating scent, the softness of her body up against him, the way they’d moved together for that brief moment in time had all left him with mixed feelings. Now Kirk knew without a shadow of doubt who he should pick.


At the end of the date, all four individuals were ushered into a private suite for the final decision. Besides the extra lighting needed for the camera shots, the room was basically decorated along a romantic theme. The flames of scented candles were dancing on three brass sconces that individually hung above each woman’s head as they sat a fair distance away from each other on elegant, embroidered dancing lady chairs.

Roses of various colors were arranged on the walls and on the small dancing lady table positioned by the oval-shaped window opposite them. Kirk stood near this table next to the three silver boxes that sat on top of it. Everyone knew that those boxes contained the roses of his decision and were mentally preparing themselves for what would come next.

When the rose boxes were handed out, Nyla was prompted by the producer to open hers first. Slowly lifting the silver lid, she was blindsided by an unexpected sense of disappointment. There lay a beautiful yellow rose, signifying that she was not the chosen one.

Even though Nyla hadn’t expected to win and hadn’t really wanted to win, it still stung that she hadn’t. Unknown to her, a few of the show’s crew members took quick looks at each other. Some were shocked by Kirk’s decision, others were not.

Relying on sheer willpower and a quick silent prayer for strength, Nyla stilled her emotions, drove the look of disappointment out of her telltale chestnut eyes, and forced a smile to appear on her face. She did all that in the seconds that it took before she had to look into the nosy camera lens peering at her from the right.

Then ready to put this whole experience behind her, Nyla squared her shoulders, stood up and approached Kirk for her goodbye moment. According to the rules, she could inquire as to why she wasn’t picked, but in light of everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours, it was better to just let things be.

Extending her hand to Kirk, Nyla forced herself to ignore the jolt of electricity that surged between them once again. Focusing on such things wouldn’t profit either of them now. “It was good to have met you, Kirk. I think everything worked out for the best,” she said, shaking his hand goodbye.

But a goodbye handshake wouldn’t do for Kirk. It wasn’t enough. In a matter of seconds Kirk had Nyla in a big bear hug. Although the hug was brief enough, the intense emotions it provoked within him proved his point. There was definitely something between him and Nyla. Something powerful.

Incidentally and unfortunately, that’s exactly why Nyla hadn’t been chosen tonight. Kirk was afraid of her and the wonderful, fantastically irritating things she incited within him. He’d entered this contest simply for fun, not to find a serious relationship. And deep down Kirk knew that if he’d chosen Nyla, he’d end up getting very serious, very quickly.

“Goodbye, Nyla,” Kirk said as he finally released her to leave the room. Oh how he would have loved to have gotten just one taste of her sweet lips before she left. But then that would have violated her first date rule. Besides, one kiss from Nyla was sure to leave Kirk wanting more. Much more than he could handle right now.

By the time Talethia was revealed as his chosen date, Kirk was more than ready to call it a night. He especially hated when Alandria protested his decision by slipping him her number and address anyway as she gave him a deep goodbye kiss to show him what he was missing out on. Kirk couldn’t wait to throw that slip of paper in the nearest trashcan. He was allergic to gold-diggers like Alandria. A couple of middle school girls and a woman named Ulonda were all the allergens of that type his life could stand.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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