Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bittersweet Interruptions - Ch. 5

Almost forgetting that he hadn’t seen Nyla model anything yet, Kirk turned towards the dressing room door just as it opened. Suddenly the smile on his face froze. His heartbeat seemed to thunder in his ears with excitement. He’d never seen a woman look this beautiful before and she was fully covered. Nyla’s beauty seemed to start from the inside out, indicating that she probably had a beautiful soul, too.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” Kirk whispered, admiring the way the tank dress fit upon Nyla’s frame as it elegantly reached all the way down to her ankles. The gold bangles and thick hoop earrings she wore were the perfect accessories to the outfit.

So engrossed in the gorgeous sight before him, Kirk failed to realize how abruptly he’d shifted his attention from the other two women on the date. Now Alandria and Talethia were watching Nyla with sharp daggers in their eyes. They resented the fact that she’d successfully obtained the whole of Kirk’s attention without even trying.

Brian, one of the cameramen, smiled when he saw how absolutely mesmerized Kirk was with Nyla. Although the other members of the crew deemed Alandria as the projected winner since few believed a man could pass up on a beautiful model, his bet was on Nyla. Therefore, Brian zoomed into Kirk’s openmouthed stare before panning to capture every annoyed expression and frustrated movement of the angry, half-dressed women behind the good doctor.

Instead of being angry or offended by the way Kirk stared, Nyla simply smiled. His fervent interest felt good, like a cup of hot soup on a cold winter’s day, able to warm up the chilliest person.

“Thanks, Kirk. All that’s missing now are those gold sling-back shoes over there,” she said, pointing to a clear display case on the left side of the store by the lavender-colored wall.

Then before Kirk could say anything else, Alandria interrupted the heated moment. “Aren’t you going to join our little show?” She wiggled her slender hips for emphasis, bringing instant attention to the thigh-high fishnet stockings she wore. Alandria’s question sounded pleasant enough, but it was totally self-serving. She believed that she had the best body out of the three women present and she wanted Kirk to believe that, too.

Alandria deemed Nyla’s body too top-heavy with those ‘D’ cups and her ‘ba’donk-ka’donk’ derriere as entirely too big and most likely full of stretch marks and cellulite. She deemed Talethia’s body as more like a man’s with its hard, bodybuilding contours. From Alandria’s critical assessments of her counterparts, it was clear that it was now every woman for herself. It was also clear that she was willing to feign friendship with Talethia, only to stab her in the back later, just to get the man she wanted.

Talethia joined in with her own brand of cattiness. “Yeah, what’s up with that? You’re not a shy little virgin are you?” She snickered, running her hands down the skimpy, red silk camisole and panty set she wore, trying to send the message that she was far from virginal.

Kirk remained quiet, watching the three women interact with amusement. He wanted to see how Nyla would handle herself in the face of such clear adversity.

Nyla simply smiled at the wisecracks directed towards her. She’d been through this kind of stuff before and knew exactly how to deal with it. Here comes the truth. Here comes the truth, she mused humorously to the tune of ‘Here comes the bride.’

Aloud Nyla said, “I wish I was a virgin. It would have saved me a whole lot of trouble. No, the next time a man sees that much of my body, he’ll be my husband.” Then she turned and gave Kirk an even bigger smile. “I’ll be over there, if you need me,” Nyla said, nodding to the left, before going to get the shoes she mentioned earlier.

Kirk’s long lashes hooded his eyes as he watched Nyla walk away. She had a sensual stride without even trying. And the formfitting dress she wore only served to emphasize it even more. Suddenly, an internal dialogue began within him.

Ooo…wee. As Devon would say, ‘Baby got back’. But then again, baby got top, too. Truth be known, baby got everything, Kirk mused with pleasure, taking another quick, appreciative look at Nyla’s voluptuous frame before regaining control of his thoughts Okay, Kirk. Stay focused, man. You can’t let this woman get up under your skin, he coached himself.

Then keeping his face neutral, Kirk turned back to the other two women on the date. As he did, he was careful not to reveal how much Nyla’s words and actions had affected him in any way. Although his ego was eating up Talethia and Alandria’s attention, something deeper inside seemed to be yearning for more of Nyla’s. Much more.

With Nyla momentarily out of the picture, Alandria decided to take a few extra digs at her. “Doesn’t she remind you of a black Dolly Parton? I mean, that rack must be at least a double ‘D’,” she said, referring to Nyla’s generous bosom.

“Yeah, can you say breast reduction?” Talethia nodded in agreement. Her own size seven body was full and firm, but it was nowhere as curvaceous as Nyla’s. Neither was it as slender as Alandria’s size five. Talethia was the woman in the middle and she believed that as such, she’d be a better match for Kirk. In every way.

In Nyla’s defense, Kirk said, “I’m a versatile man. I like ‘em in all sizes.” And for the moment, that was sufficient to quiet the estrogen storm around him.


With their packages in the trunk, Alandria and Talethia immediately sat on either side of Kirk in the long black limousine. This forced Nyla to sit across from them with the cameraman. Having come to the conclusion that she was not on this date to win the heart of a man anymore, Nyla simply relaxed in her seat with the determination to do her best to enjoy the rest of the evening. The most she could hope for now was to land a business connection out of this date with the prestigious Florida doctor.

“So tell us, Kirk, what are some of your likes and dislikes?” Talethia asked, looking up into his eyes with absolute adoration. The tight black dress she wore had risen up to her thighs and pretty soon the whole country would know her personal business. Interestingly enough, Talethia didn’t seem to mind that prospect at all, neither did the cameramen filming her.

Kirk smiled. “Well, when I’m not working, I enjoy physical activities like working out in the gym...”

“What about making love?” Alandria interrupted. “Do you enjoy that physical activity, as well?” she asked, running her right hand down the right thigh of Kirk’s pants, caressing him, subtly trying to win his favor.

Kirk laughed and leaned back to put an arm behind the head of each lady on either side of him. But before he could reply to Alandria’s inquiry, Talethia answered for him. “Of course he does. You can look at him and tell that. But what I want to know is, where’s the craziest place you’ve ever done it before, Kirk?”

Just Skanky, Nyla mused, forcing herself not to frown at the antics of her peers. After all, the cameras were still rolling.

Then making a conscious decision to curtail this current discussion, Nyla promptly changed the subject. “Although I’m sure Kirk’s answer would be quite insightful to us all, I’m personally more curious as to why he become an anesthesiologist. What was your motivation for becoming a doctor, doctor?” A gentle smile rested upon Nyla’s face as she looked at him

Kirk’s laughter slowed to a stop as he looked at the sincere woman across from him. His ears felt caressed by the tender way Nyla had called him doctor and something moved deep down inside of him. Fortunately, the female hand on his thigh stopped moving on the outside of him as everyone waited for his response.

Kirk’s response was so slow in coming because he found it hard to believe that Nyla was actually genuinely interested in learning that kind of information about him. No woman had ever asked him that before. No, not one. Most women Kirk dated only wanted to know about his PMS - his power, money and sexual adventures.

The second reason for Kirk’s slow response was the fact that he didn’t know what to do with the feelings Nyla had stirred within him. Not only did he actually feel compelled to answer her question, he actually wanted Nyla to get to know him better!

Removing his arms from their former positions, Kirk leaned forward until he was close enough to Nyla to smell her zesty perfume. It was intoxicating, just like her. That started more feelings churning within his veins. Now Kirk really wanted to give Nyla what she wanted from him, yet so much more.

“When I was a young boy, I broke my leg falling out of a tree. I was in so much pain all the way to the hospital that I could hardly stand it. But as soon as I got there, the doctors promptly did the x-rays and gave me something that took away all of the pain. I mean all the pain left,” Kirk said with emphasis, appreciating how attentive Nyla was to his every word. “Anyway, I never forgot that act of mercy. It made me want to help take away the pain of others, too.” Even as he spoke, Kirk was still amazed that he was even sharing this story with her. This excited and scared him at the same time.

Ignoring the excitement and reacting totally from the fear of what else Nyla would unwillingly bring out of him, Kirk switched the conversation back to safer ground. “Now I’m only interested in giving pleasure,” he added sensually, putting his arms back behind Alandria and Talethia’s heads. Beside him, the other girls chuckled.

This is more like it, Kirk mused, grateful that his emotions were receding back into their usual numbness.

“I see,” Nyla said quietly, almost reflectively. For a brief moment there, she actually thought she got a glimpse of the real Kirk Russo and not this playboy persona he’d been showing them thus far. She was puzzled as to what made him close up again. Yet she would not dwell on it too much…at least not right now.

Then as Nyla turned her attention to the passing green scenery through the window closest to her, she tried her best to block out the giggles and snickers of the two women sitting across from her. Lord, help me, she prayed. Then after shooting another quick look at her companions, Nyla attached an addendum to her prayer. Lord, help us all.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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