Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bittersweet Interruptions - Ch. 12

“Ms. Duncan, the doctors will see you now,” Felisa said to the beautiful woman still patiently waiting to be seen.

Felisa had never known for her bosses to keep anyone waiting this long. It had been a full thirty minutes. The appointment had been for 2:30pm and it had only been with Dr. Foxworth. Now both doctors wanted to see Ms. Duncan. Dr. Russo had even rescheduled the rest of his afternoon appointments just to make time for this meeting.

This meeting must be really important for both of them to attend, Felisa mused. Inside she suspected that it really the meeting that was so important, it had to be the woman attending the meeting.

“Thanks again,” Nyla replied, grabbing her suitcase as she stood up to follow the impeccably dressed receptionist to the back. She didn’t know what to make of the delay. The doctor was either running behind today or had scheduled too many appointments too close together. Either way she was about to find out. Little did Nyla know, she was about to find out more than she ever imagined.

Did she say doctors? Nyla mused, just now realizing the whole of what she’d been told as they neared the third mahogany door on the left side of the wide hallway.


As Nyla entered the small conference room, she saw Dr. Foxworth sitting at the end of the rectangular-shaped mahogany conference table, peering over a file. At that point, she began to wonder if maybe she just thought she heard the receptionist say ‘doctors’. After all, there was only one person waiting for her in this room.

“Have a seat, Ms. Duncan.” Brentt smiled, getting up to greet her. “I apologize for the delay, but my partner requested that he be included in this meeting also and I had to wait for him to clear his schedule,” he said, briefly shaking her hand. Brentt couldn’t get over how even better Nyla looked in person. But then again, Kirk always did have exceptionally good taste in women.

“It’s no problem, really. My evening is free, so we can take as much time as needed.” Nyla smiled at the friendly doctor, ready to accommodate the delay. She wasn’t leaving town until tomorrow afternoon anyway.

After taking a seat, Nyla couldn’t help but notice that she was practically being gawked at by the red-haired man. If first impressions were anything to go by, Dr. Foxworth seemed very eager to meet her today. At second glance, maybe he was almost too eager.

Oh no, I hope he’s not attracted to me, Nyla mused, thinking about some of the other men she’d encountered over the last nine months. Her fingers and all of her toes couldn’t hold the number of business associates she’d had to turn down for dates recently.

If Nyla’s program wasn’t so successful and if it didn’t immensely improve the sponsor’s reputation in the community the way it did, some of those rejected men would have surely terminated their business with her. She was sure of that.

As if waiting for his cue to enter, Kirk came through the door that led from the adjoining room at that very moment. “I’m sorry for my tardiness,” he said, taking a seat directly across from Nyla. Kirk had a huge smile on his face, obviously enjoying the delicious look of surprise on her face.

Brentt was right. The element of surprise did have a way of letting one see a person’s true, unguarded feelings. Kirk was pleased that despite Nyla’s obvious surprise, she actually looked happy to see him again. That had to be a positive thing in anybody’s book.

“Please continue, Ms. Duncan.” Kirk smiled, staring intently into Nyla’s chestnut eyes, willing her to remember their very last encounter. As he looked upon her, he noticed and appreciated the difference in her sandy locks. They were longer and arrayed in a beautiful assemblage of tiny curls that bounced as she moved her head. Besides that, everything else was deliciously the same. Especially her gorgeous figure.

Nyla blinked and wet her lips as if in slow motion. She remembered their last encounter all right. There was no way she could ever forget Kirk or those luscious brown lips of his. There was no way she wanted to forget those things.

Clearing her throat, Nyla said, “Uh…yes, I was just saying…that…uh…my evening was free, so we can take as much time as needed.” Oh God, please help me to focus my thoughts. I can ‘not’ botch this deal. Too many kids are depending on me, Nyla prayed.

“Great, because I…we may need the rest of your evening, Nyla,” Kirk said, momentarily distracted by the quick flash of her pink tongue. Then he cleared his throat and refocused his mind. “Now let’s get down to business.” Kirk was ready to race through this part of the meeting to a more pleasurable end.

“Yes, let’s do get down to business.” Brentt smiled, looking from one engrossed person to the next. He didn’t care that he was now the invisible man in the room. In fact, he was thoroughly enjoying watching the fireworks display. The electricity flowing from Kirk to Nyla could light up the whole building. It especially pleased Brentt to see the sparkle of joy in his best friend’s eyes. He’d been waiting for this day for a long time.

“First of all, my partner and I have already decided to become lifetime sponsors,” Brentt continued, even though he wasn’t sure if Nyla was able to comprehend his words right now through the thick fog stemming from her preoccupation with Kirk.

“Lifetime sponsors?” Nyla repeated, her eyes still glued to Kirk’s face. She hadn’t even given her sales pitch yet and they were already looking to sign on, and as lifetime sponsors no less.

This meeting was going faster and better than any of her others for multiple reasons. The main reason being the fact that the two men already seemed to know exactly what they wanted from her professionally. On a more personal note, Kirk was smiling at Nyla as if he’d been waiting on her all his life. And no matter how hard she tried, Nyla could not seem to break eye contact with him. She also couldn’t get over how handsome Kirk still was. Especially with that thick mustache aligning his soft brown lips. Oh to kiss those lips right now would be heavenly.

“Yes,” Kirk replied, still looking straight at Nyla, continuing to feast off of her features as well. “We’ve researched your company and found it to be very sound, financially and otherwise. Plus, we’ve checked with the Charitable Organization Section of the Department of Regulation and Licensing, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, the local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau and they all speak highly of your organization. We’ve also heard glowing reports from some of our Georgia colleagues about the success of your programs. I understand that several communities have already been highly impacted by your efforts.”

Kirk paused and his voice lowered considerably as it grew thick with emotion. “I’m even more impressed by you now than I ever was before, Nyla.”

“Thanks, Kirk…uh…I mean, Dr. Russo,” Nyla stammered out, still not fully recovered yet. She was confused and frustrated that she hadn’t pulled herself together by now. But what Nyla didn’t realize was that it would have been for anyone to remain calm in the face of destiny. It was a blessing that only her hands shook and not everything else.

Discerning that his unexpected presence had unsettled Nyla to severe distraction at this point, Kirk immediately turned to Brentt. “Will you excuse us for a moment? I need to speak with Nyla alone.”

Although he was a bit better at concealing his feelings than she was, Kirk knew that neither he nor Nyla would be able to continue this meeting without first addressing some of the other things currently happening between them.

“Sure thing,” Brentt replied as he got up and practically skipped from the room with joy. A love connection had already been made almost a year ago. Now a serious relationship was about to be born. Brentt could just feel it and he couldn’t wait to tell his wife about it. Bonnie was going to love this news.

When Brentt left, Kirk reached for Nyla’s trembling hands across the table and held them. “You already have our business. You had that before you ever walked through the door. This meeting was just a formality.” He rubbed his thumbs soothingly across the back of her hands until they stopped shaking. “Are you seeing anyone, Nyla?” Kirk had to ask.

She shook her head. “No, are you?”

Kirk released her hands and got up to walk around the desk. “I wasn’t, but I am now,” he said fervently, pulling her up from her seat and into his arms.

Nyla eagerly went into Kirk’s arms, embracing his neck as she did. At the first touch of lips, they both shuddered with exhilaration and moaned. At the second, multiple groans trembled in their throats and the kiss quickly deepened. Then for the next few minutes, time seemed to still as Kirk and Nyla ravished each other’s mouths, making up for the old and the new.

When they were finished, Nyla looked up into Kirk’s eyes and posed a question to him. “Are you sure you’re ready for me now? Because I’m definitely ready for you,” she whispered in a husky tone.

Kirk gave her another delicious smack on the lips before uttering his simple reply. “I’m positive.” He smiled with certainty.

In the past, Kirk saw Nyla as a bittersweet interruption to his life, a lemon and strawberry kind of interruption to the bachelorhood that he’d prided himself upon. The same bachelorhood that he’d worked so hard to establish after his heartbreak. Although Kirk had seen earlier glimpses of how sweet a relationship with Nyla could be, he’d been repelled by the sour timing in which they’d met before. But now that he was in a different place mentally and spiritually, Kirk saw Nyla as his destiny, the woman he was meant to be with.

“Oh yes. I am definitely ready for you now, beautiful one,” Kirk reiterated in a whisper as he wholeheartedly descended upon Nyla’s lips again.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier


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