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Pred. & Preach. Daughter - Ch. 7

“Chasity?!” Marcos declared, blinking rapidly to make sure that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Although pale with shock right now, Chasity’s skin was still just as flawless as it had ever been. And even though they were staring at him with open hostility now, her warm honey eyes still pulled Marcos into their depths. Moreover, he could never forget Chasity’s straight dark auburn locks nor her 5’8, curvaceous figure that still made him want to pull her into his arms and usher her into his bed. Seven years hadn’t changed her voluptuous body at all and it showed in the formfitting, coral-colored, short-sleeved pantsuit she wore.

Marjorie’s arched brows rose higher. “You two know each other?” She pointed and looked at Marcos and Chasity respectively, before settling an angry gaze upon her four-year younger brother again.

What have you done now, little brother? Marjorie mused, knowing without asking that this was yet another woman whose heart Marcos had broken due to his fear of commitment. I told that boy there’s no perfect woman out there.

With her face now turning a deep crimson with anger, Chasity retorted, “Mrs. Ireland, meet La’Charity’s biological father. Who, I’m assuming, is also your little brother from Texas.”

“What?!” Marjorie and Marcos both uttered simultaneously, looking at each other and then back at Chasity who was already making her way to the front door. The bronze-skinned woman would walk back to the hotel if she had to. She needed time to think and she could not do it here with the predator in the same room.

Quicker to recover than his sister, Marcos’ long legs propelled him towards the door before Chasity opened it. “You told me that you were having an abortion,” he accused in a tone that sounded like a low hiss as he rested his hand heavily upon the front door to keep her from opening it.

Inwardly, Marcos knew that his ex-girlfriend’s unexpected declaration was true. Even his natural eyes could attest to that fact. La’Charity had Chasity’s eyes, bronze complexion, unique auburn-colored hair and the child’s May birthday was exactly nine months away from that unprotected sexual encounter Marcos and Chasity had had in college. Therefore, he had to be the father. He just didn’t know why he didn’t make the connection sooner.

Chasity’s eyes narrowed bitterly at Marcos as yesteryear’s pain came rushing back to her mind like a flood. “I told you I was going to get rid of it, but I never told you how. I saw no reason to since you didn’t want anything else to do with me or her,” she hissed back, standing up to him like never before. Yes, Marcos was still the handsomest man she’d ever seen up close, but she was no longer that shy preacher’s daughter’s who was so overwhelmed with his attractiveness to see him for the predator that he really was. And Chasity would continue to stand strong against this man whose very name meant rebellious.

Just then, a bronze-skinned little girl in a pink and white outfit came bounding into the room with a happy skip in her feet, causing her three long ponytails to bounce with each step. “Uncle Marcos, I heard your car pull up. Did you bring the ice cream?” La’Charity asked with an expectant look upon her face.

Suddenly all of Chasity’s anger flew from her body with an inaudible whish and it was as if it had never even been there. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, she slowly turned around to face her daughter. Tears instantly welled up in Chasity’s eyes, her stomach stirred with a blend of happiness and joy and she forced herself not to pull the sweet little girl into her arms as she so desperately wanted to.

Now see, this is what can make the bitterness finally go away, God, Chasity mused, thinking that being reconciled to her daughter could probably make the bitterness stay away for good. Then she wouldn’t have to struggle so hard in that area. That thought caused her eyes to dry, allowing her to see her daughter even more clearly.

Marcos’ anger left as well at La’Charity’s arrival. Now that he knew that she was his daughter, she was even more precious to him. He was glad that Chasity hadn’t followed his selfish advice, glad that she was a woman with her own mind. “Of course I brought the ice cream, Bonita.” He smiled affectionately down at La’Charity. “Go get your brothers and sisters and we’ll make sundaes after we eat the sandwiches Aunt Margie fixed for everyone.”

Regardless of paternity, all the kids called each other brother or sister. Marjorie and Jaleel were known as Mom and Dad, while Marcos was known as uncle. La’Charity was the only child to call Marjorie and Jaleel, aunt and uncle since that’s what they’d been to her when her adopted parents were alive.

Suddenly, Marjorie stepped in at that exact moment and did the most amazing thing. “Before you go, La’Charity. I want you to meet a very good friend of mine and of your parents. Her name is Chasity Bradshaw. She was there at your birth and she’s been wanting to see you again for a long time.”

La’Charity stood in front of the pretty stranger and looked up at her. It pleased her immensely when the woman kneeled down to her level so that she could see her better. “Nice to meet you, Miss Chasity. Any friend of Aunt Margie’s and my parents is a friend of mine.” Then she extended her small right hand in friendship.

“I’m happy to be your friend, La’Charity,” Chasity replied, finally finding her voice as she briefly shook the right hand of the outgoing child. She knew exactly where the child got that trait from. Marcos Valdez never met a stranger in his life, easily befriending both men and women, especially the women which was why he was considered a ladies man in college. Chasity still didn’t know why she fell for such a man. But then again, one look at Marcos’ virile outer appearance, combined with his above average intelligence and charismatic personality was enough to hook most women, even a preacher’s daughter.

Again Marjorie intervened. “Would you like it if Miss Chasity stayed and had a sundae with us, La’Charity?”

Good looking out, Margie, Marcos mused, wanting to keep Chasity with them, or rather with him, forever. While no one was watching, he adjusted the collar and hem of his white polo shirt, trying to make sure that he was still looking as well-groomed as she remembered from his college days.

The little girl smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I’ll help you with the sprinkles, too,” she said to Chasity, liking the friendly stranger already and not knowing why. La’Charity also liked that the woman had eyes identical to hers. She’d never met anyone else with warm honey pools like hers before and the similarity pleased her.

Then La’Charity looked up at her uncle before leaving the room. “You did remember to bring the sprinkles this time, didn’t you?”

Marcos laughed. “Chocolate syrup, too, your majesty.” He did a quick bow, losing himself in his daughter’s smile. My daughter, he rehearsed, feeling a father’s love well up in his heart this time and not just an uncle’s as he picked her up for a kiss.

Chasity looked on with a mixture of envy and happiness flowing through her veins as the little girl kissed Marcos on the right cheek and left the room to go gather the others when she was positioned upon her feet again. It was obvious that La’Charity loved her biological father and vice versa. What was also clear was the seemingly unfairness of the situation.

I’m the one that wanted her, Lord, not him, Chasity whined inwardly, wondering why Marcos got to have the loving relationship with their daughter and not her. The fact that she had to fight not to pout revealed that she still had a lot more growing up to do, despite the mature air that she was so well known for.

However, Chasity was mature enough to see that it was in her best interest right now to be grateful for the opportunity that she currently had to change things, and hopefully develop her own relationship with her daughter. She stood to her feet and turned to Marjorie, completely ignoring Marcos now.

“Mrs. Ireland, thanks so much for allowing me into your home today. I was so afraid that you’d turn me away, possibly even slam the door in my face when I told you who I was.”

Marjorie smiled tenderly at Chasity, feeling as if she was already a part of the family. “Turn away La’Charity’s twin? Never! And by the way, no more of that Mrs. Ireland stuff. From now on, call me Margie like everyone else.” Then she hugged the relieved woman and led her out of the living room and into the yellow and evergreen decorated kitchen.

Marcos followed the two women a few seconds later, feeling a bit left out now because it was obvious that Chasity wanted nothing to do with him whereas she seemed quite prepared to wholeheartedly embrace the rest of his Georgia family.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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