Monday, February 13, 2006

Author Note - about Date Night

Oh, my! Is it Monday already? Time really did fly this weekend. A thousand apologizes for not posting that second installment on Alyssa and Webster's date. I had out-of-town guests to show up (some expected, others not), which threw my intended blogging plans completely off. Folks, I didn't even get a chance to write Alyssa and Webster's second date, though I've plotted everything that's going to happen (and it's juicy, too). LOL.

To make it up to you, I can:
1. Post an additional chapter of Predator and the Preacher's Daughter this week and just save what I have on A & W's date for Friday. Or...
2. Keep regular Mon-Wed postings and just make this Friday's DATE NIGHT extra long in order to give you a fuller meal of Alyssa and Webster's story.

I'm open, so email me or leave me a comment here with your decision. As usual, the majority rules.


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