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Side Dishes - Chapter 4

Sage said goodbye to her mother at the Protégé City Airport on that November 21st day and joined her husband on the private jet that Delane rented for their honeymoon. It was a rare, overcast day. Rare as in, it hardly ever rained in Protégé, much less the whole state of Arizona, but when it did rain, it poured.

Yet despite the weather, Sage and Delane felt secure that they would be safely flown to Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holidays. In fact, the whole ride over, they laughed, talked, and shared multiple kisses like the happy newlyweds that they were.

Once there, Delane and Sage entered a white limo which took them to their luxury hotel. Yet instead of making love right away as Sage thought they would when they arrived at their suite, her husband took her on an extensive tour of the island. By the time, they returned to the hotel, they were dog-tired and only had enough strength to shower and fall asleep in each other’s arms upon the 280-thread count, red and gold comforter of the king-sized warm espresso-colored bed in their suite.

Early the next cloudless Hawaiian morning, Delane awakened some time before his wife and just watched her as she slept, admiring the long black lashes upon her cheeks, the smoothness of her bronze skin, and the cute way her small nostrils flared as she dreamed.

It must be a happy dream, Delane mused, basing his assumption on the endearing smile upon her full lips. I hope I’m in it.

Watching his wife sleep like this literally had Delane aching to be with her. Yet he didn’t dare even though he now had the legal right to. Although dating Sage over the last few months had elevated his self-esteem tremendously, Delane was still too ashamed of his body to make love to her. Especially after what happened with the last woman he’d tried to be intimate with.

Dorethea Ulysses had complained every step of the way until she finally admitted that she was just too uncomfortable with Delane’s size to make love to him, and how seeing him naked had proven to be a major turn off for her. Ironically, she’d seemed on fire for him while she was spending his money. Now Delane was afraid that the same scenario would repeat itself with Sage. That’s why he’d spent so much time sightseeing yesterday, dreading the moment of consummation.

Suddenly, Sage opened her lovely ebony eyes and smiled up into her husband’s face, causing his worried frown to instantly transform into a dimpled smile. “Morning, husband. I was just dreaming about you,” she purred, stretching her agile body like a kitten, not realizing how sensual those movements were.

“Morning, wife,” Delane replied as he felt some of his anxiety lessen. Sage seemed so loving and he hadn’t bestowed half the gifts on her as he usually did on the women he dated. All she had gotten was free rent and lots of dinners out at fancy restaurants. Now he was going to spoil her rotten. The Hawaiian trip was the beginning and the lavish breakfast he had delivered up to their room was far from the end.

After engaging in a bountiful breakfast in bed, Sage moved the two mahogany wood-trimmed trays they’d used to the nightstand and turned to her husband with an impassioned look upon her face. “I hope you haven’t planned any outdoor time for us today. Yesterday’s adventures really tired me out. I plan to get tired out another way today,” Sage said as she sat up and rolled on top of her large husband, placing herself exactly where a wife needed to be on her honeymoon morning. The white strapless bra and matching thong proved to be very little hindrance at all to physical contact.

Delane moaned with pleasure and fought not to wince at the same time. He was dreading taking off his black satin pajamas, even though he wanted to make love to his wife with every fiber of his being. But that was exactly the problem…there was too much fiber to his being, and as such, might put him in the position to be rejected again.

Finally Delane decided to fess up and just let the chips fall where they may. If Sage was going to be his wife, she had to be made aware of his strengths and his weaknesses.

“Baby, I have a confession to make. Although I have a lot of discipline in so many other areas of my life, my stomach is not one of them. I love food and I can’t seem to refuse it.” Even now Delane recalled how he became so fond of food. Born to parents already in their late forties, he’d been spoiled rotten by the wealthy couple. In fact, his bedroom had stayed packed with every kind of toy a kid could want.

On top of all that, the Ryder’s - who owned three profitable bakeries at the time - frequently rewarded any accomplishment Delane made with tasty treats from their business. As a result, he was a chubby kid that grew up to be an overweight adult. At thirty-years-old, he was already at three hundred pounds and counting.

To Delane’s surprise and delight, Sage simply chuckled at his confession and said, “I know all about your hearty appetite. Remember, I’ve cooked dozens of meals at your house and mine and there have never been any leftovers.” She bent towards his face and brushed her lips softly across his, before proceeding to lick that adorable dimple of his.

“Besides, I love the man on the inside of this body. Learning to love the outside of this body is simply the next step.” Never had a woman been more sincere or more in love than Sage as she kissed Delane’s lips again, suckling the bottom one at the end of the kiss. “Now can I please make love to my wonderful husband?”

Delane’s eyes were glossy by this time. He simply nodded and began to ravish his wife’s mouth like a love-starved man. He was. And to his great pleasure, Sage responded in kind. In fact, she soon took their passion to a new level by ministering to every part of him as if he was precious in her sight. She lingered over his large mocha torso, completely un-intimidated by his physical imperfections. In fact, Sage relabeled his belly rolls as wonderful love handles, his stretch marks as adorable love tracks, and his man-breasts as fun-sized pecks. Delane never felt more loved and cherished in his life.

If that wasn’t enough to lift his spirits, the fact that Sage began to beg Delane for more of his love when they finally became one was sure to do it. And she wanted it every way he could give it to her, too. By the time they rested their sweat-soaked bodies upon the high-post bed again, Delane knew that he’d found the woman that he wanted to grow old with. And Sage knew that she’d found the best lover she’d ever had in her life. No man had ever loved her so gently or so thoroughly, even taking the time to lovingly kiss the insteps of her feet. Now how many men would do that?

After that first moment of intimacy, Delane and Sage spent the rest of their honeymoon as close to their suite as possible, making love as often as they desired. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. On the last full day of their honeymoon, Delane insisted that they leave the room long enough to go shopping. He didn’t want Sage to leave Hawaii without some nice trinkets.

What Delane called trinkets, Sage called the most expensive gifts she’d ever gotten. In fact, her husband spent a small fortune on her gifts; careful to send them on ahead on another plane so that the one they would fly home in would not be overburdened and cause an accident. The whole world had learned an important lesson from the fatal plane crash that ended the life of R & B songstress Aaliyah.


When the newlyweds arrived home, wearing smiles, colorful Hawaiian shirts, and matching blue jean shorts, and even bearing many gifts for Sivilla, Sage noticed that her mother didn’t seem too happy for her good fortune. Sivilla begrudgingly took the diamond Rolex watch and the diamond bracelet they bought her and then acted as if being allowed to carry the deed to the duplex was a light thing as she sat in the Ryder’s’ living room watching them unpack their gifts.

In Sivilla’s eyes everything they’d given her was light and highly insufficient, especially since Sage had way more gifts than her and was going to be living in a two-story house that looked like a mansion with it elegant gray exterior and six, large bedrooms.

“What can’t I live with you guys? There’s more than enough room at this house,” Sivilla petitioned the newlyweds, fearful that her daughter was being torn away from her and knowing that she wasn’t ready for that yet. The last two weeks had given her a glimpse of what her future would look like without Sage in it. Sivilla hadn’t liked what she’d seen. She didn’t want to grow old alone.

Although Sivilla would probably feel differently if she had a man of her own right now, since she didn’t, she deemed living in the same house with her daughter as the next best thing, even if Delane came along as part of the deal.

“I…um…”Sage stammered out as she paused from her task of organizing the colorful gift boxes on the sturdy oak cocktail table between the sofas. Inwardly she felt torn between her old life and her new life on that seventy-seven degree evening.

The new life, Sage eagerly wanted to embrace with her whole being and planned to before Sivilla’s selfish request. The old life, she desperately wanted to leave behind and had even made plans to escape with the secret stash she’d accumulated over the last few months. Incidentally, Sage gave that money to charity on her wedding day since she deemed being married to Delane as escape enough from her manipulative mother.

Delane got up from the southward placed brown sofa and stood behind his stuttering wife, hugging her from behind in comfort and for moral support. He was acutely aware of the influence that his mercenary mother-in-law had on Sage and he was going to do whatever he could to break it.

“Because Sage and I need some time alone to lay the foundation of our new marriage, that’s why,” Delane said, answering for his wife as he gently trailed the right side of Sage’s face with his index finger, causing her attention to shift from her mother’s overbearing demeanor to her husband’s soft caress. It brought him great pleasure when Sage shivered noticeably from his touch and closed her eyes to relish it all the more.

“Two weeks wasn’t enough?” Sivilla persisted, trying to meet her daughter’s eyes as she sat on the northward placed, desert brown-colored sofa of the Ryder’s’ living room, looking like she was dressed for a date. The sheer-looking onionskin dress with its deep V-neckline and the matching flower-accented sandals were way too dressy for a casual, I’m-glad-you’re-back-in-town visit.

Stop distracting her, fatso, Sivilla mused hotly, knowing that if she could just make eye contact with her daughter, she could convince Sage to go along with her plan as usual. Unfortunately for Sivilla, her daughter was currently in honeymoon heaven and probably didn’t even notice that she was still in the room as Delane continued to distract her with his tender caresses.

“No, it wasn’t,” Delane replied matter-of-factly, before lowering his lips to his wife’s right ear. “I love you, baby,” he whispered and lovingly kissed Sage’s earlobe, causing her to moan deep in her throat.

Then Delane looked up at his domineering mother-in-law again and added, “There’s still so much more foundation to be laid, and we need to do that alone. In fact, we need to be alone right now, Sivilla, so you’ll have to cut your visit short.” He nodded towards the door area, letting her know that she could see her ungrateful self out.

Then not even waiting for his mother-in-law to leave, Delane turned Sage around in his arms and captured her lips in a full kiss, the way she’d done him on countless occasions and in front of many more people. The fact that Sage seemed to melt every time he touched her made his heart leap with joy. There wasn’t anything Delane wouldn’t do for a woman that responded so wholeheartedly to him.

Hotter than an Arizona desert in the middle of summer at being dismissed so abruptly and so profoundly, Sivilla rose to her feet with her gifts in hand. She was also blazing hot to see that instead of Sage being the one controlling the sex strings, Delane seemed to be the one in the driver’s seat. In fact, he seemed to have her daughter under some kind of spell or something.

She knows I taught her better than that, Sivilla thought, feeling her temper grow even hotter as she discounted the fact that maybe Sage was simply behaving like a woman who was deliriously in love with a man that loved her just as much in return.

Convinced that Delane selfishly wanted Sage all to himself, Sivilla became determined to find some way to get him out of her daughter’s life. Enjoy it while it lasts, fat boy, she mused towards her son-in-law as she proceeded to leave the premises before the man actually undressed her child in front of her.

Although Delane would have never undressed Sage in front of anyone, as soon as that front door closed behind Sivilla, clothes went flying everywhere. Then for the next hour and a half, he and his wife made proper use of their alone time.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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