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Side Dishes - Ch. 6

After her overnight Christmas stay at the Ryder residence, Sivilla began to really concentrate her efforts towards sowing seeds of discord within her daughter’s marriage. Delane didn’t trust her a bit, but Sivilla still had Sage’s ear. In fact, she was taking full advantage of that privilege today over lunch.

“No woman as beautiful as you should be content with such an obese man, baby girl. In fact, I don’t even understand how sex could be possible or pleasurable when you have all that…fat to work around,” Sivilla said, adjusting the top of the strapless, blue and black striped dress over her large bosom. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw several male diners on the left side of the popular urban Mexican restaurant admiring her major assets. Sivilla smiled to herself. She was used to such attention from men no matter what walk of life they were from.

“Believe me, it’s possible and oh so pleasurable,” Sage replied softly with a secret smile of her own as she picked up a colorful menu from the red wicker centerpiece in the middle of the table and began perusing it. Even now Sage recalled how wonderful making love always was with Delane, and in fact, how wonderful it had been this sunny December 31st morning before her husband went off to work.

Not only had Delane made love to Sage with new sunbeams streaming across her body from the early morning light flooding the room through the parts of the kitchen windows that weren’t covered by black and white toga valances, he’d also made a new use for the island countertop which was exactly the right height for such an adventure.
As a result of being the breakfast that her husband had feasted upon instead of the wheat toast, lean turkey bacon, poached eggs, and orange juice she’d fixed for him, Sage had been walking around cheesing from ear to ear ever since. As for the neglected food, she’d ended up eating most of it alone since Delane had had to forgo regular breakfast in order to quickly shower, change into fresh clothes, and make it to work on time.

Sivilla turned her nose up in disgust and retrieved a menu as well. “I just think its gross sleeping with a man that big.” Even now she recalled the disturbing sight she’d seen on Christmas night and shuddered. That man has ‘got’ to go, she mused, barely paying attention to the meal listings in front of her due to her rising ire.

Sage’s eyes turned angry. “You didn’t think it was so gross when you told me to go after him, remember?” She put her colorful menu down upon the yellow, orange, and red tablecloth, having just lost her appetite.

Sivilla’s bronze face paled slightly at that reminder as she met her daughter’s eyes. “I never thought you’d have to sleep with him in order to get his money. Neither did I ever dream that you’d end up falling in love and marrying the guy. In my opinion, you took it way too far, baby girl. The only bright side to this is the fact that you’ll be set for life if you ever decide to divorce him.”

“Whatever, Mama.” Sage rolled her ebony eyes upwards, starkly aware of just how ungrateful her mother really was. Had Sivilla forgotten all that Delane had done for her? Had she forgotten that he not only had given her the title deed to a piece of prime real estate, but he’d also financed many shopping trips and even paid a few of Sivilla’s utility bills when she needed help in that area?

Sage decided that her mother needed a bit of reminding. “Listen, Mama. I’d really appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to be happy for me. After all, Delane has been good to me and you. And in case you ever forget that again, look at that expensive watch on your wrist and at that nice duplex you pull up to every night. Furthermore, I want you to know that I’ll never willingly leave my husband for anything. I’m in this for the long haul,” she said resolutely, thinking that wild bulls couldn’t drive her away from her precious Delane.

Sivilla sucked her teeth and remained silent as she returned her gaze to her menu. This is going to be harder than I thought, she mused, suddenly catching a sideward glance of her daughter’s conservative apparel, which she hadn’t really paid much attention to until now. He even got her dressing differently.

Instead of adorning her shapely frame in tight, eye-catching outfits like she used to in an effort to be more like her mother, Sage was now forming her own style which happened to be more conservative and more to her husband’s liking. In fact, the olive green short-sleeved pant-set she had on now didn’t reveal an inch of bosom or leg.

Yeah, this is definitely going to be tough, Sivilla thought as she recalled yet another change in her daughter’s lifestyle based on the restaurant they’d come to today. Although the food was reputed to be excellent here, this place was nowhere near as fancy as the restaurants Sivilla and Sage used to dine in together before Delane entered the picture. Sivilla didn’t raise her daughter to eat and commune among the common people. Sage had been groomed for a much more elite crowd.

Then deciding to just let the matter drop for the moment, Sivilla waved the handsome Mexican waiter over to take their order. After all, she still had her appetite and the cost of lunch was on her daughter.

A month after that December luncheon, Sage received a midday visit from a smiling Sivilla one windblown Friday. “What are you so happy about today, Mama?” she asked, leading her animal-print top and black leather mini-skirt clad mother towards the kitchen area.

Sage was trying out new recipes that she’d learned in the culinary classes that Delane paid for and insisted that she take at a local college because he wanted to cultivate her dream of becoming a chef. Although she wanted to get her husband’s opinion first on how well her trial run had come out, however, since he wasn’t home yet, Sage decided to use her mother as a substitute taste-tester.

“Oh, this and that,” Sivilla replied pertly, not letting on that she’d found two new rich men to pursue, one for her and one for her daughter. “It smells good in here. What are you cooking today?” she asked, following Sage through the first floor area of the beautiful, six-bedroom edifice that her daughter called home…for now.

“A new recipe from school. Want a taste test?” Sage put on two, thick yellow terrycloth baking mitts and pulled a stainless steel tray of tasty shrimp puffs out of the commercial-sized black oven located on the right side of the black refrigerator. The navy blue full apron she wore adequately covered the white embroidered t-shirt and formfitting jeans underneath.

“Sure do,” Sivilla replied eagerly. Then when her daughter sat the oven tray on the iron cooling rack atop the oak island in the middle of the main kitchen area, she confiscated one, blowing on the delicious smelling appetizer for a few seconds to cool it down faster.

As soon as the warm shrimp puff touched her palate, Sivilla instantly moaned with pleasure. “Baby girl, I sure miss your cooking. Shot, I miss you. I hate living alone in that duplex with only nosy Panella Ferguson next door for company. So for the umpteenth time, why can’t I come here and live with you?” Sivilla said, thinking that that would solve everything. After all, if she moved in here, she’d be with her daughter and she’d be living the kind of life she deserved. Plus, she wouldn’t have to go through with her latest plan that was bound to produce hurt feelings all the way around.

“You all have been married for two months now. How much alone time do you need?” Sivilla continued to contend.

Sage chuckled and removed the mittens from her hands, hanging them back on the hooks of the lower cabinet doors. “As much as my husband requires or at least until after we have our first child.”

Sivilla almost choked on what remained of the shrimp puff in her mouth. Her deep chocolate eyes – which happened to be sporting blue contacts today - grew wide and she immediately sat in one of the oak wood stools near the island and began to pat herself in the chest to force the morsel to go down faster.

Swiftly retrieving a glass from the overhead cupboard, Sage quickly moved from the stove area to the sink in the middle of the kitchen island and poured her mother a glass of water from the faucet. “Here, drink this, Mama.”

Sivilla received the decorative pink and blue glass and took a long drink, allowing the cool liquid to flush her esophagus from top to bottom. When she’d gotten her composure back, she said, “Are you pregnant? Please don’t tell me you let fatso knock you up. I thought you were still getting that birth control shot.”

“I’m still getting that shot, Mama. But as you know it’s renewable every three months. Lately, I’ve been thinking that maybe I shouldn’t get the next one. That maybe Delane and I should start working on a family since things are so good for us and so good between us right now.”

After taking another long drink of her beverage, a reflective Sivilla addressed her daughter’s comments in a most unexpected way. “I think you should wait just a little while longer, baby girl. Give yourself more time to get to know each other. After all, once children come into the picture, your attention will get divided and I think that Delane still needs as much of your full attention as possible,” she said, speaking in a calm, motherly tone that didn’t sound at all fake.

“I guess you’re right,” Sage replied, sitting beside her mother at the island. Inwardly, she still wanted to start a family with Delane right now, even though she would give Sivilla’s words some thought before making her final decision. Sage was just so amazed that her mother would offer such good, unselfish advice in the first place. That advice even appeared to have Delane’s best interest in mind.

Sadly, Sivilla’s advice was not as unselfish as it seemed. In fact, her advice was far from unselfish. She simply decided to change her mode of operation in this matter. No longer would she be openly hostile towards Sage’s marriage. From this day forward, Sivilla would behave like a friend to the Ryder union, especially since it was abundantly clear that her daughter was determined to not only remain with this man, but also determined to start putting down definite roots with this man by having his children. As a result, Sivilla knew that Sage would now have to be forced to leave Delane.

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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