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Side Dishes - Ch. 5

Over a bodacious Christmas dinner that had been prepared by her daughter and was being thoroughly enjoyed by her son-in-law, Sivilla decided to take advantage of Delane’s good mood. She’d already taken advantage of his credit cards on that early morning shopping trip she’d convinced Sage to take her on since Sivilla’s latest rich prospects weren’t as giving as last year’s holiday benefactors.

“Son-in-law, I was hoping I could spend the night. I’m too tired to drive with all that last minute shopping I did today and I really don’t want to be away from my daughter on such an important day,” the older woman said sullenly at the large, oval-shaped French provincial table they sat at in the semi-enclosed dining room area near the spacious kitchen. Then Sivilla yawned to give her words that extra kick of sincerity.

Sage’s head snapped up from her half-empty red and green plate and turned to the right to look at her mother. She not only recognized that sympathy-generating tone as a trick of the trade, she also knew that her mother had spent many Christmases without her while she’d been trekking behind some man.

And not only that, Sivilla’s very appearance belied her words. Her alert hazel-contact eyes, the white mini-skirt, black mock-neck top with its open shoulder and sexy one sleeve, and the seductive black high-heeled thong sandals Sivilla wore suggested that perhaps she had more than enough energy not only to drive herself home, but also for a night out on the town.

She’s still trying to ease her way into our home, Sage deduced, feeling ashamed of her mother for the first time in her life.

It was one thing to manipulate unsuspecting strangers, but to try to run game on your own family was another thing. And now that Delane was a part of their family, he was supposed to be off limits to Sivilla’s schemes. Sometimes Sage wished that he was her only family since most of the unconditional love she needed came from him anyway.

Fortunately, Delane knew exactly what Sivilla was doing and immediately addressed it, all while maintaining his holiday cheer. “Of course you can stay the night, Sivilla. But just for the night. You’re still not moving in with us.” He put his fork down for a moment to adjust the red knit shirt he wore, courtesy of his wife who thought he should start wearing livelier colors other than just earth tones and black as he usually did.

Sivilla’s face paled and then reddened when she realized that the clever man had seen right through her ruse. Then as she remembered how Delane had still been deceived by her daughter and thus wasn’t as smart as he thought he was; she cleared her throat and smiled. “Of course just for the night. I understand that you’re still newlyweds and still need time alone.”

Delane smiled and leaned over to kiss his wife on the cheek. “That’s right. We are still newlyweds and plan to feel like newlyweds for a long time.” Even now, he wanted to take his wife upstairs and strip her of that two-piece red and green floral skirt-set she wore. Sage’s sleeveless top with its draping back had been calling for his hands all day and Delane couldn’t wait to relieve her of it.


Later that night, Sage said goodnight to her mother - who was residing in the fourth guest bedroom down the hall - before retiring to her own room. She carried a small bowl of fruit in her right hand for her husband. Sage often brought Delane fruit at night to help aid in his digestion and to keep his body regular. On a romantic note, she simply enjoyed hand-feeding her husband because it always led to intimate things. Tonight would be no different.

Delane waited up for his wife as he usually did since Sage always seemed to find something else to do around the house to make or keep it perfect. In fact, he’d had to help his longtime maid find employment elsewhere after he got married, because his wife kept the place so spotless that they no longer needed anyone’s help in that area.

“What kind of fruit did you bring me tonight, baby?” Delane asked, putting down the newspaper he’d been reading while lounging in wait for his wife. Even though he was no longer a CFO, he still liked to stay abreast of the news pertaining to people in that position.

Although a CFO’s first priority is to make sure that the reporting and accounting of his/her company is compliant to established laws due to the recent barrage of corporate accounting scandals, they still had to try to etch out time for corporate strategy and top-kicking business advancements. Delane’s had been a hard job, but he’d loved every minute of it. And the excellent negotiation skills that he’d honed with financial institutions and investors during that five-year period had proven to be very beneficial when he’d taken over his parents’ company.

“I brought some apples chunks and a few melon balls,” Sage answered as she went to the oak entertainment set near the door and turned on the black stereo system enclosed therein. “But in order to get them, you got to come dance with me.” Even now she began to move her body to a lively groove in the pink lace-trimmed silk boudoir gown and coordinating lacy slippers she wore.

“Is that all?” Delane immediately moved to comply with his adventurous wife. Although he only had on his black satin boxers and a matching tank t-shirt, he wasn’t afraid to strut his stuff around her anymore, no matter how much stuff he had to strut. Sage didn’t seem to mind about his weight and treated him and his body as if they were precious and highly esteemed in her sight. Around her, Delane always felt sexy and highly desired. He liked feeling that way.

After receiving the first melon ball by his wife’s hand, Delane began to cut a fanciful rug in the large area between their oak king-sized sleigh bed and the entertainment center in their room. He did a bit of old school Michael Jackson, a touch of James Brown and a bit of New Edition to the lively beat Sage had put on.

“Work it, baby. Work it!” Sage encouraged enthusiastically, loving how liberated her husband was these days. This was a man that knew that he was loved and cherished and that made her feel so good. It also went a long way towards relieving her of the guilt she’d had about her motives for initially pursuing him. As a result of that original wrong motive, Sage was going to do everything in her power to make this man happy now.

Delane wasn’t even tired when a slow song finally came on, even though a man of his size probably should have been. With Sage, he felt almost invincible or at the most unaware of and uninhibited by his weight issues. Pulling her into his arms, he opened his mouth to receive another melon ball, this time licking her fingers in the process.

Sage moaned at Delane’s sensual actions and sat the bowl down on the nearest surface, lest she drop it in her rising exhilaration. Delane always knew how to press her buttons. Always knew the very things that would get her going every time. As a result, Sage began to lick a sensual trail from his ear to his neck, causing him to moan as well. She loved the salty taste of him after he’d done something strenuous. That taste, combined with the spicy fragrance from Delane’s favorite soap, made him simply irresistible to her.

“I want you to make love to me again,” Sage whispered in his ear as she embraced his neck. It mattered little to her that they’d snuck away to their room right after dinner to make love while Sivilla was outside talking to, or rather flirting with, one of their neighbors across the street.

Delane shivered with anticipation at her words. “As always, I’m ready to meet your every desire,” he replied, quickly swallowing the fruit in his mouth before capturing her lips in a sweet, succulent kiss.

That kiss led to many more and soon Delane had Sage undressed and seated firmly upon his lap on the long, cushioned oak bed chest that contained various reading materials at the foot of the bed. There he began to move his lips to other areas of her body, particularly to her generous bosom where he lingered for several delicious moments, satisfying them both with the sensual actions of his mouth, bringing them both to a fevered pitch of desire.

When they finally became one, it soon turned into the ride of both of their lives as they faced each other, clung to each other and made love to each other with such fervor that their voices could literally be heard throughout the house.


The loud noises from down the hall woke Sivilla up. At first she thought that her daughter and her son-in-law were having an intimate moment because she heard slow music playing. But then when Sage’s voice began to take on almost a tearful tone, Sivilla got up and marched towards the master suite, thinking that Delane was somehow being too rough with her daughter considering his size. The swishing of her pink and black polka-dotted satin pajamas, that she’d bought by ‘happenstance’ today while shopping, increased as she picked up her speed.

I knew I shouldn’t have left my taser at home, Sivilla mused, thinking that from now on she’d bring it with her even while visiting over here.

As soon as she turned the doorknob and peeked into the room, Sivilla wished that she’d stayed in her bed with the big fluffy pillows wrapped tightly over her ears. Or at the least she wished that she could have gone blind at the exact moment of cracking open the master suite’s door for a look inside.

Sage was crying alright. She was crying tears of ecstasy and exhilaration as she bounced silkily upon her husband’s lap in a fit of passion. The healthy young woman literally couldn’t seem to get enough of the large man beneath her.

Whatever Delane dished out, Sage took and demanded more of. And from what Sivilla could see before she quickly closed the door again, her son-in-law had a lot to serve. The man was huge everywhere and it seemed impossible that Sage was able to receive that much love from Delane without being torn to shreds. Yet she was and was behaving like she wanted more.

Baby girl, that is way too much man for you. That’s way too much man for ‘any’ woman to handle, Sivilla mused, hurrying back to her room and thinking that maybe she should have gone home tonight after all.


After such a passionate and powerful encounter, Sage simply leaned against her husband’s large chest. She waited for both their breathing patterns to regulate before speaking. Once she was able to get her breath, she said, “I wish you could stay a part of me forever.” Even now they were still connected in the most primal of ways.

Delane chuckled, causing his belly to jiggle like jolly old St. Nick. “I wouldn’t mind that myself even though it is highly impractical. Think about the ruckus it would cause when its time for me to go to work,” he teased, running his hands slowly and soothingly up and down Sage’s moist back. Delane loved that his wife was always so eager to sweat out passion’s fever with him.

Sage laughed, too, as she lifted her head to look into his caramel eyes. “I see your point. Well, I guess we’ll just have to do what we did tonight more often then.”

“I’m fine with that. I need to lose a few pounds anyway. After all, wouldn’t you like to make love to a slimmer me?” Delane said, amazed that it was so easy to talk about this sensitive topic with her, especially since it had dogged him for most of his life. But Sage’s loving nature made it easy for him to discuss anything with her.

Sage’s expression grew serious as she saw the flash of pain in her husband’s otherwise happy eyes. “If you’re going to take off a few pounds, do it for yourself, baby. Because I love you and I love making love to you just the way you are.” Then she placed her head back on his chest and hugged him as tight as she could, hoping that he’d feel the abundance of love that she had for him.

Delane did feel Sage’s bountiful love and it went a long way towards healing years of emotional pain. How could it not be easy to open up to such a loving and accepting person?

© 2006 Suprina Frazier

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