Monday, January 02, 2006

New Adventures for Blog

In this New Year, I will be doing some very special things with the blog. Please see the details below:

  1. Story postings will now occur on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    *There will a different story featured each month, some in their entireties. Others only partials. The partials are slated to be long enough to give you all a good preview of what that particular book is about.
    *Contests will be run from time to time on the partials. The main contest will be GUESS THE ENDING. Whoever gets the closest to guessing how the hero and heroine finally get together at the end of the book wins a free copy of that book. Rules subject to change.
  2. DATE NIGHT every Friday.
    *This is for all the wannabe matchmakers out there, myself included.
    *A different date scene will be posted every Friday.
    *The POVs will alternate from month to month, meaning one month it will be told from a man’s point of view. The next month from a woman’s. You will know which is which by the colors (pink – female and blue - male).
    *At the end of each date scene a poll will be taken to see if the two people in the date should go out again. The poll opens every Friday after new posting and closes 5pm EST on the following Wednesday.
    *The results of that poll will be posted and a new date scene will be written based on those results.
    *At the end of the month, we should have gotten our hero or heroine on the road to a serious, hopefully positive relationship.

© 2005 Suprina Frazier

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