Sunday, January 08, 2006

Author Note

Just a few quick things before I post Monday's chapter. First of all, how do yall like my new look? I thought the first template worked great for the pre-Civil War epic I was posting back in December, but now that I'm featuring my contemporary books, I thought the site needed a more contemporary feel to it.

Second thing, the Friday Date Night got off to a good start. More people are actually posting comments. This is great! I'm hoping it will convince the shy ones to step up to the plate and post, too (although I still love those emails).

Third thing. I'm sure most of my faithful readers have noticed by now that I mainly write inspirational romance with an edge. That's right, you will find some scenes of intimacy(tasteful scenes, I might add) within my books. I don't apologize for or shy away from this very real part of life. I just thought I'd explain a bit before you read any further. That way, yall (that's that Georgia flavor in me coming out) can know where I stand.

Without further ado....


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