Monday, January 02, 2006

Author note about this month's featured book

This month’s featured book is a partial, which has gotten several favorable reviews and is published by All Romance Books. It is called SIDES DISHES. Sounds like the title of a cookbook, doesn’t it? You should see the cover. LOL. Yet I assure you it is no cookbook.

Anyway, here is the blurb for SIDE DISHES:

This is one time Sage wished she’d never listened to her mother. Now how was she going to live with herself, knowing that she’d turned such a kind man into a bitter soul? More importantly, how was Sage going to convince that same wealthy man that she didn’t get pregnant out of her love for money, but out of her love for him? After all, Delane has every right not to believe anything the former gold-digger says.

By the way, this book was written for a lovely woman named Charlene Leonard, whom I fondly call Pam. It is oftentimes a humorous book, yet one with a powerful message weaved throughout. I hope you enjoy viewing it this month.

P.S. if the Buy SIDE DISHES link to the left doesn't work, try this one:


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