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Beautiful...Tangled Roots - Ch. 15

Chapter 15
Abigail tried her best to live by her husband’s new rules, but it was eating her up inside. Although her business was soaring and her name was on the lips of some of the most influential people in the nation, it was the condition of her marriage that squashed any joy stemming from those things. And although Edric kept his word about not flaunting his outside activities in her face, he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face every time Eve or Indigo entered a room. One time Abigail even caught him grinning from a window when he happened to see them walking across the yard.

Even Edric’s brothers tried to talk to him about his current behavior. Although they saw no nothing wrong with him impregnating a slave woman since all of them had done it before; they did suggest that he not act so darn happy about it. He’d already alienated all of his friends because of his relationship with Eve.

The older Wainwright brothers also advised Edric to stop bringing his illegitimate child by the main Wainwright house where their mother still lived with a handful of servants and her preacher brother who’d moved in with his wife and kids when times got too hard for them financially.

The Wainwright brothers’ major complaint about Indigo being at the main house stemmed from the fact that Corinna was growing way too attached to the mulatto toddler. This attachment was causing the other (all-white) grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to become angry and jealous.

Edric did not take all of his brothers’ advice. After all, how could he stop smiling when the woman he loved and the only offspring he had in the world were about? However, Edric did tamper back the number of Indigo’s visits to see his mother since he preferred not to make unnecessary waves in the family. They all needed each other in order to remain the ruling family in Wainwrighton. Plus, a part of Edric still cared a great deal about the Wainwright reputation.

Abigail was grateful for her in-law’s attempt at intervention, even if it had not resulted in the restoration of the sanctity of her marriage. What the Wainwright brothers had done was still more than her father could do for her right now. Naylor had long since lost his power over the Wainwrights when they no longer needed his financial backing.

It seemed that after everything Asa had done for the Wainwrights, all he’d accomplished for himself was his family’s name being connected with the right people in society. He’d also garnered frequent invitations to all the best social events. Unfortunately, these were events that Mr. Naylor rarely attended anymore due to his failing health and long distrust of doctors, including his son-in-law. Asa had only taken Abigail to one in order to finally determine her fertility. How disappointing that visit had been for the both of them.

Realizing that she was not going to get additional help from Edric’s family or hers, Abigail sought to do what she could for herself. But first she had to know exactly what kind of hold Eve had on her husband. Besides the fact that she’d borne his child, what other reason was Edric constantly returning to the bed of his slave wench when he had a wife that was now willing to sleep with him anytime he desired? In fact, Abigail no longer attended as many parties these days in an effort to keep a closer eye on her husband.

Abigail decided to do her investigation one breezy summer night. Waiting until Edric had been gone for an hour and until she had enough drink in her system to numb her anxious nerves, Abigail snuck out of the house dressed in dark garment with a dark shawl draped over her head. She was very quiet as she walked towards the new two-bedroom slave dwelling that Edric had specifically built closer to the house in order to be near his lover and their child.

Eve’s place was the only slave quarters with a relatively new innovation called indoor plumbing and a top-of-the-line wood burning stove. The other slave quarters got the refurbished outhouses Dr. Wainwright had it put in at the same time he had the main house renovated and the new slave dwelling added last year. There was also a new outbuilding for the laundry and for the nursery as well.

Going to the first bedroom, Abigail peeked through the window and saw Indigo sound asleep in a new pink bed with a homemade quilt of the finest stitching folded neatly at her feet. Pink lacy curtains were at the windows and even a plush pink rug was on the floor. A new doll sat in the child’s arms and rows and rows of silky black curls feathered her beautiful angelic face.

Abigail would have thought that this was an adorable sight if Indigo had been hers. But this wasn’t her child. It was Edric’s offspring, and by a slave woman no less. Even still, the sight of the precious little girl made Mrs. Wainwright long for another child of her own. But that was not to be.

Pushing her rising depression aside, Abigail quickly and quietly moved to the next bedroom window. It didn’t take her long to discover that this was definitely Eve’s bedroom. It was also neatly decorated, except everything was in the color of indigo.

No wonder she named her daughter that, Abigail mused, now realizing what Eve’s favorite color was. All this time of working with the woman and she’d never even picked that up until now. Yet as Abigail thought more on the subject, she was reminded that that was the color Eve often requested when it was time to order materials.

Wait one moment, Abigail thought, also recalling that Eve always seemed to know exactly which box to check on the order form, as if she could actually read the words on the paper. Yet one look through the gap in the window curtains was proof enough for Abigail to know that Eve could read. In fact, Edric was in there concluding a reading lesson right now.

Although tempted to go running to the nearest lawman to report that her husband had broken the law in teaching a slave to read, Abigail wasn’t going to do anything of the kind. After all, bringing shame on Edric would only bring shame on herself and she wasn’t about to that. Abigail cared too much about her reputation for that. As a result, she stood back in the shadows of the dark night and waited patiently to see what else she would learn about her husband and his slave mistress.


“Once again, you have exceeded my expectations, my love. I can not imagine what would ever make me think that Negroes were unintelligent,” Edric said, speaking freely about whatever was on his mind, the way he always did in Eve’s presence. He felt comfortable and at ease around her. Edric also knew that any disagreement they had would always be worked out quickly due to the depth of love that they had for one another.

Eve closed the book she’d been reading from and got up to sit in his lap. “Your learning is what made you think that. Sometimes the things other people teach us is bad. I learned a few things about white folks that wasn’t true, too. I’m glad you showed me different.”

“Differently, my love, differently,” Edric gently corrected her as she began to weave her fingers through his hair.

“I’m glad you showed me differently,” Eve repeated as she bent to his left ear and placed the lobe between her teeth for a quick nibble. As expected Edric moaned with pleasure. After almost three years together they knew most of each other’s special places. Yet there was still so much to discover.

“Take your hair down, my love,” Edric whispered. He knew that she would only do that for him. Eve either kept her head covered with a decorative scarf these days or she kept it braided. Sometimes it was adorned in tiny plaits all over that curled at the end when wet. Fortunately for Edric, tonight was not the case of the latter.

In no time, Eve’s two long braids were loose and her thick, silky locks were lying heavily upon her shoulders. Edric immediately placed his hands there and began to knead her scalp as he threaded his fingers through her dark tresses.

“Undress for me, Eve. And please be very slow about it,” was Dr. Wainwright’s next instruction. Although he still owned her, Edric knew that Eve would obey him solely out of desire at this point in their relationship, not obligation.

Eve stood up and began to slowly unbutton her royal-blue dressing gown. Although she couldn’t wait to show Edric what new creation she’d made for him tonight, she knew that he liked to stretch out their time together and thus continued in an unhurried fashion.

When the dressing gown was finally open, Eve immediately saw that what she had on underneath was heavily approved of. The man before her couldn’t seem to stop looking at the short, crocheted, brown nightgown that left little to the imagination. Eve didn’t want Edric to stop looking. This outfit was supposed to be a feast for his eyes.

Edric swallowed over the lump of passion in his throat before speaking. “Eve, you never cease to amaze me.” He ran his hands over the brown flesh closest to him, which was her amazingly flat stomach. He still didn’t know how Eve regained her figure after the baby.

Eve trembled with delight at the touch of his hands upon her hot body. “And you never cease to please me. Touch me higher, lower, everywhere, Edric,” she whispered breathlessly, literally trembling with desire.

“As you wish, my love.” The highly stimulated man rose to his feet with condensed desire in his eyes. Then he picked Eve up in his arms and carried her to the large mahogany bed directly across from the fireplace on the west side of the room.

Upon lowering himself to the smooth indigo-colored sheets beside her, Edric began to send his tongue on a search for mocha skin. His hot instrument of speech darted in and out of the crocheted spaces of the dress-like garment in an unhurried manner as he freely tasted of Eve in high places and low places until she was begging him to take her.

That’s when Edric moved away to quickly undress. Yet when he was completely bare, Eve did the most surprising thing he’d seen yet. Instead of waiting for him to return to the bed, she stood up and literally began to attack his milky white frame with her love.

Using her hands and her lips, Eve kissed and caressed a trail of hot love from Edric’s mouth to his feet. She did things no other woman had ever done to him before, touched him in places he never dreamed were sensitive, and shook him to his very core as she found the heart of his desire and honored it with her love.

“I love you so much, Eve,” Edric whispered in an almost reverential manner as he pulled her to full height and claimed her lips in an all consuming way. He would have surely lost his mind if she'd been allowed to kiss her way back up his frame.

Eve clung to him, drawing love, strength, and deep passion from his lips. With tribal drums beating in her chest, her flesh felt like jelly ready to be molded by Edric’s capable hands. And when he finally laid her down, Eve felt as if she was floating as he took her, give to her, received from her, and provided her with all the loving she’d ever need from a man.

Edric also felt as if he was floating as Eve responded back to him with deliberately slow, yet hungry hips that seemed to yearn for his love like no other. Her deliciously strong thighs threatened to squeeze every ounce of desire from his loins and he didn’t care. Edric didn’t mind dispersing every drop of his passion as Eve’s tender, tantalizing fingers clenched at him, kneaded him, and provided all the stimulation he’d ever need from a woman.

“I love you, Eve,” Edric declared again as he groaned and joined her in ecstasy with a simultaneous surrender of heart and body.

“I love you, too, Edric,” Eve replied as she sealed the moment with a kiss.


Outside at the window, Abigail felt hot tears stain her cheeks after witnessing her husband making such beautiful love to another woman. Not only had Edric treated that slave woman’s body as if it was a national treasure, he kept declaring that he loved the woman over and over again. Even with the window closed, Abigail could read those words on his lips.

The reality that her husband could actually be in love with a black woman caused Abigail to empty the contents of her stomach right there beneath the window sill. Quickly putting her hands over her mouth to cut off the flow, lest she get caught, the nauseated woman rushed back to the house, careful not to make a sound. When Abigail finally made it up to her bedroom, she dropped to her knees and began to sob her heart out.

Why could you not love me, Edric? Why must your heart cleave to a Jezebel! Abigail mourned silently, feeling a swoon coming on.

Not once had she ever heard Edric speak those three special words to her in all the years of their marriage. Yet he’d constantly told Eve those words tonight. Not once had Edric made love to Abigail as if he was putting his all into it, as if he didn’t care if he sapped all of his strength in order to love her to the fullest. He’d certainly done that with Eve tonight. Not once had Edric ever hinted that he liked some of the things Eve had done to and with him tonight. Otherwise, Abigail would have gladly accommated him. Well…maybe not in the past, but certainly now that competition was firmly in place.

Distraught about the condition of her marriage, consumed with jealousy, and not keen on being in the big house all alone tonight, Abigail fixed herself a strong drink while scribbling a note to her husband. Then she saddled a horse and went to spend the night at one of her friends’ house.

© 2005 Suprina Frazier

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