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Beautiful...Tangled Roots - Ch. 16

Chapter 16
Early the next morning, Eve kissed Edric goodbye and then prepared to go about her daily business. First there was her daughter to tend to, then the house chores, and later on to the big house to do whatever Miss Abigail needed her to do.

I hope she’s in a better mood than yesterday, Eve mused as she went to open her bedroom window as she always did to let in the fresh air of a beautiful sunny day like today. Abigail Wainwright had always been hard to work for, but lately she’d been extremely bitter towards everyone. She was secretly and especially nasty towards Eve, even though the slave woman always tried to be extra nice to her.

Eve always made it a point to be nice to Miss Abigail for several reasons. The first being the fact that she actually felt sorry for the woman who’d forfeited Edric’s love with her negative behavior and now had to watch him be happy with the new family he’d started. The second reason stemmed from the fact that now that Eve could read, she’d latched onto her Bible and discovered how God felt about adultery. Even though Eve knew that she and Edric would have definitely married if circumstances had been different in the world, if there had been no slavery and no color boundaries, the fact that things weren’t different and that they weren’t married produced twinges of guilt within her heart on occasion.

Suddenly Eve’s thoughts were interrupted as her nostrils were assaulted with the strong stench of vomit and rancid alcohol. Someone was at my window last night, she mused with alarm, noticing that the vomit wasn’t fresh. Then as an angry Eve went to fetch boiling water to cleanse the window sill with, she purposed in her heart to find out who was peeping at them by night. She also purposed to put thicker and darker curtains up to the window.


In the big house, Edric saw Abigail’s note and immediately sent word to Eve by the errand boy, telling her that she did have to come into work today. If Dr. Wainwright didn’t have so much work to do in his clinic, he would spend this unexpected day of leisure with Eve and Indigo. But alas, his latest research experiment called to him and since Edric knew that working diligently on this project would help so many elderly people, slave and free, he could not afford to miss any time on it.


Abigail came back home around noon, feeling worse than she did when she left. Not only was she hung over, she now had the memory of what it was like to be touched and fondled by a woman. In the heat of her distress last night, Abigail had sought out the comfort of her friend Fiona McGee. Fiona was also going through an emotional time ever since the only man she’d even truly loved – her father – had died last month.

Unfortunately for Abigail, it turns out that Fiona was unable to maintain the usual restraint she held on her emotions and had made a startling confession last night. Not only did the red-haired woman confess to enjoying the pleasures of both men and women at times, she also confessed to being in love with Abigail for years, starting the day Fiona welcomed her into her parlor for a private tea.

Abigail went from being appalled, to being highly stimulated, then back to being appalled again. Now she just felt dirty, which is why she took the hottest bath she could sit in and used one of her husband’s razors to shave all of her private hair, including that which was on her legs.

After dressing in a black dress to suit her dark mood, Abigail went to the liqueur cabinet to do a bit of self-medicating. Instead of her usual two glasses, she consumed three. As a result, by the time the overseer came to the front door to verify what this month’s quota would be since the weather was warmer and the days were longer, Mrs. Wainwright was much calmer. Even still she was not yet at peace with herself.

“Is Dr. Wainwright in, Miss Abigail?” York asked, wiping the sweat from his brow as he stood in the front door looking through the screen at his boss’ beautiful blond wife.

What I wouldn’t do to have a fine filly like this, York mused, doing his best to keep his thoughts off his face. He didn’t care that Abigail was dressed in what looked like mourning clothes in the plain black dress with it dropped shoulders and wide sleeves. In fact, York could imagine himself undoing the nine buttons at the center front closure in order to relieve her of that dress.

“No, he is not. But you can discuss any business you have with my husband, with me,” Abigail replied, perusing York’s sweaty, yet muscular frame with open interest. She deliberately looked past his dirty garments. She imagined he could make her feel like a normal woman again. Especially since Abigail was starkly aware that she could not go to her husband for such validation about her sexuality. All of Edric’s love and affection belonged to a slave woman now.

York felt something move within him at the ardent look Abigail gave him just then. Was she finally seeing him as a man and not just as an employee? “Be glad to, ma’am. May I come inside for a spell?” York said, relaxing his features with a sensual smile so that his real attraction for her could show. His right hand started playing with the waxed moustache on his face as he often did when he was contemplating evil thoughts in his head.

“Why, yes. I am sure it is much cooler in here than it is out there.” Abigail smiled and opened the screen door so that he could enter.

If I’m getting the right signal, then it’s about to get even hotter inside, York mused as he entered the cool foyer of the large home, completely forgetting what he came to do now that something more enjoyable had presented itself.


When York left an hour later, he was smiling wide and walking with a lighter step regardless of today’s oppressing weather. Abigail Wainwright had finally availed her beautiful body to him and he was beside himself with joy. Not only had she done things to him that he thought polite ladies of society like her never did to any man, Abigail had also allowed York to do all kinds of special things to her as well.

And to see her body void of all private hair had proven to be York’s complete undoing. So what if the only other women he’d seen that way were prostitutes. Although prostitutes shaved to prove to their patrons that they had no body lice, since that troublesome problem sometimes ran rampant in brothels, the overseer didn’t know why Mrs. Wainwright had done it.

Yet to York, Abigail’s hairless body had seemed young, innocent, and unthreatening that way. Touching her smooth shaven skin had been like touching a baby’s skin. The whole encounter had been very stimulating to him and before York left, he’d not only taken her two more times, he’d also asked if they could repeat today’s event some time in the near future.

Abigail’s reply was, “We shall see.” This meant that everything depended on whether or not she could get what she needed from her Negro-loving husband.

Personally, York hoped that Edric stayed in Eve’s bed forever. That way, he could occupy Abigail’s. In fact, the infatuated overseer had already committed to memory the newly redecorated bedroom with its floral, red and yellow theme.

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