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Beautiful...Tangled Roots - Ch. 11

Chapter 11
As soon as Eve heard the knock on the door, she knew who would be on the other side. She’d felt Edric’s eyes upon her all day in the big house. She’d seen the heat in his aqua pools and knew that today’s weather hadn’t caused his current fever. Eve had felt the tender caresses he’d subtly placed upon her hands, back, and shoulders whenever he thought no one else was looking. As a result, it couldn’t be anyone but Edric knocking ever so softly at her door this time of night.

Opening the door, Eve’s breath caught in her throat at the fierceness at which Dr. Wainwright looked upon her. His eyes were shiny and filled with liquid desire that looked thick enough to scoop out with a spoon. In fact, Eve thought Edric looked rather hungry tonight…hungry for her. She found herself pulsating with eagerness that made her more than ready to satisfy his ravenous appetite.

“Eve, I could not stay away any longer,” Edric rasped out via a throat that had been seized by emotions too intense to speak clearly right now. When Eve nodded her consent, he came in and closed the door behind him. Edric’s tall statue caused him to look larger than life up against the short doorframe.

After realizing that she was too choked up to say much of anything now as well, Eve rushed into his arms with willing lips. She just wanted to feel the man before her, to smell his clean woodsy scent, to partake of all the feel-good moments he was capable of bestowing upon her.

Edric felt all previous tension leave his body as the soothing sensations of having a willing woman in his arms, this willing woman in his arms, washed all over him. There was just something about Eve that relaxed him, something about her that just gave to his soul. As for Edric’s body…Eve knew exactly how to attend to that part of him, as well.

When the kiss finally ended several minutes later, they were both panting and smiling with an odd mixture of satisfaction and relief. It seems they’d both needed a release from the tension of today’s accumulated desire. Taking the time to catch his breath, Edric perused Eve’s humble surroundings.

Although this wasn’t Dr. Wainwright’s first time in slave quarters, it would be his first time making love in one. Now he saw just how uncomfortable that feat was going to be. There were no beds in the log cabin, only a mattress made of clothes and old rags located in a corner of the room. At that very moment Edric decided that all of his slaves would have real beds from now on. And Eve…she would have the queen of beds in her cabin, along with a very comfortable mattress. In the meantime, they had to figure out how they were going to comfortably pull off relations tonight.

“I am afraid we are without proper means to do what needs to be done tonight,” Edric said as he took a brief tour around the clean, yet sparse candlelit room. Besides the mattress in the northwest corner, there was a fireplace for winter heating and indoor cooking on the south side of the room. Several clay containers of herbs and spices rested on the three shelves above the hearth.

A wooden crate sat near the sleeping area. This is where Eve kept her sewing materials and other personal items. Turned upside down, the crate became a table that she ate upon. The table/crate was also used to support a candle and a handcrafted red vase with several flowers. One plantation-made chair sat by the only window in the room. The window was up tonight in order to allow the occasional breeze in. Yet that breeze had to come through a dark patchwork curtain that Eve personally designed out of various pieces of cloth in order to provide a sense of privacy and décor.

Fortunately for Edric, Eve was already two steps ahead of him as pertaining to their consummation solution. She’d taken time earlier that evening to sew large scraps of material together in the form of a two-body size pillowcase. Then she’d gathered stray hay near the stable and stuffed it into the super large encasement, creating a better makeshift mattress than the one she was issued at her arrival on the plantation. All she had to do now was drag it from out of the nook that she called a closet.

Eve smiled and went towards the nook area. “All it takes is some thinking, Dr. Wainwright.” Then she attempted to drag the ‘new’ mattress out for him to see.

Edric smiled and went to help her. “Ahh…I see you were expecting me, huh?” he said, placing the makeshift mattress in the middle of the room where the most floor space was. He also went to close the window since what was about to happen next was a private matter.

Eve nodded shyly. “I wuz hoping...” She allowed her words to trail off. Then she took a deep breath and gathered courage from a place that transcended all the way back to the land of her ancestors in order to say the rest. “I didn’t know how things would be twixt us once Miss Abigail got back.”

Edric drew her into his arms. “Neither did I. But I have found that it is too difficult for me to deny myself your affection for even one night now that I have tasted of your goodness. Therefore something must be done in order to make our time together a frequent possibility. I will see to it before the week is out.” Dr. Wainwright was already forming a plan in his mind. He would sneak to Eve’s cabin every night, after everyone else was asleep. Then he would leave before daybreak.

Eve felt shivers of delight go up and down her spine at the thought of Dr. Wainwright craving her that much in order to make a special effort to see her. It made her lift her lips to his again in search of the sweet nectar that was uniquely his own. At the first contact of their tongues, Eve and Edric moaned simultaneously and immediately deepened the kiss. Soon no more words were heard as they descended to the floor and literally began to feast upon each other’s frames. Clothes were thrown everywhere in the room.

When it was over, Edric held Eve close to his chest in a lover’s embrace. His lips continued to rain sweet kisses upon her damp forehead. And as his ears picked up that undeniable sigh of contentment that escaped her lips, Edric knew that although Abigail was the wife his family had chosen for him, Eve was the wife his heart had chosen. And the next statement out of Eve’s mouth proved why.

“Dr. Wainwright, I wuz just thinking dat maybe instead of going from place ta place ta do yo doctoring and wearing dat po horse out, ya could build a place right here on yo land and have folks ta come ta ya,” Eve suggested, revealing how efficient her mind was in that statement.

“That is a great idea, Eve. It would not only make me more accessible to my patients if I am at a central location, it would also keep me close to you. Would you like that?” Edric said, withdrawing from her a bit to gauge her reaction to his words.

Eve smiled and looked into his eyes. “Yes, sir. A whole heap, Dr. Wainwright.”

Edric grinned. “I would like that a whole heap as well.” He kissed the tip of her strong nose. “And from now on, Eve, I want you to call me by my given name in private.” Then he paused and added, “However, it is very important that you still call me Dr. Wainwright in front of others. Do you understand why this must be so?”

Eve nodded even though she had a puzzled look upon her face. “I do, but I don’t rightly know how ta say yo first name properly. Miss Abigail make it sound funny when she say it and yo brothers call ya different, too.”

Edric chuckled. “Everyone does pronounce it differently. But come; let me teach you how to say it the way my own mother taught me.” Then Edric began to annunciate his name over and over again until Eve had it just right. She was a fast learner so it only took three tries.

Little did either of them know that this was just the beginning of the things Edric would teach his intelligent, mocha-skinned mistress over the next few months. Although it was against the law to teach a slave to read or write, Edric’s rising affection for Eve made him willing to break any law for her, including the unspoken one that said, ‘never fall in love with one of your slaves’.


On a windy Sunday night in July, Eve read the twenty-third Psalm all by herself for the first time. By the time she got to ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life’, grateful tears were streaming down her face. Even a listening Edric was misty-eyed by the deep impact that this new ability was having on her. He wished this kind of joy for all of his slaves.

As a child Eve had not be allowed to attend church, yet she had often snuck down by the river and listened anyhow. Now Eve had access to the Word of God year-round thanks to a wonderful man named Edric Wainwright who not only taught her to read, but who also gave her a black leather bound Bible of her own so that she could read anytime she liked. She didn’t even have to wait for Sunday services anymore.

When Eve finished reading, she turned to Edric and hugged him tightly in gratitude. “Thank ya so much. Dis is da greatest gift anybody ever gave me.”

This is just the beginning, my love, Edric thought as he relished her unbridled appreciation. Aloud he issued a prudent admonition for that day and age, “Just remember to keep it out of sight when others are around. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Eve replied as she withdrew from him to find a secret place for her treasure right now. That night, they did nothing but talk about the goodness of God until well after midnight when it was time for Edric to go home. From now on, special moments like this would be a Sunday tradition for them.

© 2005 Suprina Frazier

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